Boromir's Last Farewell-Part III - The third section

He was clad richly in red and gold, but there were marks of many wounds upon him, and the helms and arms of Orcs were piled about him. His hands were clasped about the hilt of his shattered sword, and there was a tall helm at his side. His head was pillowed on a folded grey cloak, and his long dark hair was arrayed about his head. Under his feet were piled many Orc-scimitars.

Suddenly Gimli gave a cry. " Legolas! Look at his belt!" About the dead warrior's waist was clasped a fair belt of linked golden leaves. Frodo heard the sharp intake of breath from Legolas clearly in the hush that had fallen over them.

" Boromir," the elf said slowly. " But how? And after so long..." his voice faded away. The five companions stood gazing quietly at the body, as if that way they could unravel the mystery that surrounded it. Suddenly their silence was broken by a light, merry voice from behind.

" Why so silent on a day such as this?" Gimli turned quickly at the sound.

" Lady Galadriel!"

" Mae govannen, Lock-bearer," she greeted. " But what is this that has you all so solemn, my friends?" They parted so that she could see the boat and its strange passenger. The Lady walked over to the edge and stood staring down, her grey eyes unreadable. " Whence came this boat?"

" It floated in on the tide, Galadriel," Olorin said. " I can only suppose that it has wandered over the Sea these past hundred years. But how the boat did not capsize, and the body was preserved so long, I know not. Eru's grace, I suppose."

" Right were the words that Haldir spoke at our parting in Lorien, that the boats would not sink, however they were laden," Frodo put in.

" This is a strange turn of fate, that he should come here after nearly a hundred years of wandering. And that you five, of us all, should be here, and find him-" She was interrupted by the arrival of her husband, her daughter, and Elrond.

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