Boromir's Last Farewell-Part II - The second part of Boromir's Last Farewell

Legolas stood and gazed out in the direction that Sam indicated, shielding his eyes from the sun with one long hand.

The object of his scrutiny was a small boat, grey, with a high prow. There were marks of great age upon it. It floated low in the water, as if there were someone in it, but no sign of a living being could be seen.

" It is one of the Lorien boats, or I'm a dwarf," Legolas said.

" Well, you certainly aren't a dwarf, thank Aule," Gimli muttered as he came to stand beside the Elf, " so it must be true then."

" What are you doing, my friend?" The cheery voice from behind him made Frodo jump.

" Olorin!" The wizard strode forwards, smiling.

" Hello, Frodo, Samwise, Legolas, Gimli. It's a lovely dawn."

" Look at that boat out there, Mr. Gandalf," Sam said, pointing it out to the tall Maia.

" What do you make of it, Mithrandir?" Legolas queried, turning towards him.

" It seems to be one of the boats of Lorien, but very weatherbeaten, as if it had been wandering aimlessly through the Sea for a hundred years," Olorin said, clearly puzzled.

As they were speaking together, the boat had floated closer to shore. It was almost grounded, but a sudden wave began to turn it away.

"Look at the boat!" Sam cried. " It's going out to Sea!" Legolas hastily waded out after it; just barely catching the prow before it went completely out of reach.

" Here is a strange thing," he called as soon as the boat was beached. The others hurried to where the Elf stood. Looking in, they made a disconcerting discovery. In the boat, which was nearly filled with clear water, was the body of a man.

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