Blood of Elves - chapter 1- nightmares can come true

Her dream.

" I'll come back for you," He whispered in her ear.
"Please stay," Elecktella begged.
"I cant, I must go to war. Dont cry for me, my love, I'll always be there. Take this ,and remember me."

He place his hand on to hers, and gave her a sapphire jeweled necklace. The're eyes met. Tears gleaming in the moonlight. She stroked his long blond hair. His radiant blue eyes showed every bit of sadness.

"You promise?"
" I promise," he smiled.

Eleckrella woke up. She called for her maid Ivanwen. As she sat at her vanity ,brushing her long black hair, she thought about that day. She thought about it every day. It had been two years now, yet legolas still hadn't come back.

She looked in the mirror, an began putting black eyeliner around her lightblue eyes. Her father, King Marius, believed in symbolism. He believed that if she wore black; it would represent power. So, she put on her silky, flowing, black dress, and corset. Then she wlaked down to the great hall. Her father wanted to see her, and she knew why. He had found her a suitable husband. Elecktrella walked up to the throne, and kissed her father's hand.

"Good morning, daughter," he grinned.

"Good morning father," She said.

"I have wonderful news," He announced.

"Yes, father"?

" I have found a suitable prince".


"Prince Harick of Rhun"

"Father, but we have been fighting that evil country for centuries"!

"We agreed on a peace treaty. Only if you would marry their prince. Now, go to your room, and the seamstress will make you something extravagant for tomorrow's ball".

"yes, father".

To be continued...

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