Blood feud - Part 2 - New friends

I awoke later that same day, when the birds were singing and the sun was shining. My body ached less, and my memory was returning to me, but I couldn't seem to move the cloudy curtains thet held the wnser to my quiestion- what had I been doing to be wounded so badly and so far away from home?

It was annoying, I liked to know what concerned me, but in the safty of Imladris and the banquet later on happy thoughts floodes my senses. A maid stood by my bed folding clothes and humming to her self.

When she saw that I was awake she smiled. "These are for you," she said, indicating the pile of clothes she had been folding. "Lord Elrond says that you must treat this place as your home, for the while anyway, and you may wander the house an the gardens at your will, if you feel well enough."
"Thankyou," I said, and she left the room.

I slowly changed into the robes she had left, and stood in front of the mirror to admire the floating white fabric in which I was now dressed. I looked paler then usual, and a burning scar ran over my collar bone, but it was already healing, by the skill of Lord Elrond, I did not doubt.

I left the room then, choosing to wander the fragrent gardens of Rivendell, but I tired quickly, after all the weeks of feverish rest. I sat at the root of a great oaken tree, basking in its shade, in the peace that it offered. I heard soft footsteaps behind me, and I turned around. A beautiful elven women stood there, dressed in rich velvets, and the likness to Luthien Tinuviel left me in no doubt thet this was the daughter of Elrond.

I started to stand, and smiling she gave me her hand, and helped to life me from the ground. "I'm glad your feeling well Arlei, my brothers and Lerith were worried. Do you intend to join him at the hall of fire later?"
"yes," I said, shocked that all these noble people were so interested with me. "Who is Lerith?" I asked her, "for though I have herd much about him I do not know who he is."

"Lerith is a lifelong friend to me and to my family," she said, "he saved your life."
She smiled, and took my hands in hers. He is looking forward to seeing you again," she said smileing, "so we musnt dissapoint him," and she led me back to the house to prepare for that evening.

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