Blood feud - Part 1- New faces

"How is she?" I woke up, gazing at the swirling fog that covered my eyes. People seemed to be standing around me, and concerned faces peered over me as the haze cleared. My head hurt, and my chest was damp and painful. I struggled to sit up, caring and gentle hands helping me.

I was confused. Why couldn't I remember what had happened? "Where.." I started to say, but the tall and very gorgeous elf standing next to me said, "You are in Imladris, in the house of Elrond. We found you when we were tracking a party of orcs from the Misty Mountains. You were wounded, and we bought you here. Sleep now, and talk in the morning."

I slipped back into the dreamy slumber were my head didn't throb and my tired body didn't ache. I awoke in the early morning, to find another tall elf by my side. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you,"
"You didn't," I said, "I would have woken anyway."
"I'm glad you did," he said, "we were worried."
"Why?" I asked him, "what had happened to me? And who was the one that spoke to me earlier?"

He laughed, "Well, that answers his first question. The second was to aquire your name."
"My name is Arlei, and I am from the kingdom of Mirkwood." I told him in awnser, "and yours?"
"I am Elladan, Son of Elrond" I was shocked, the sons of Elrond were almost royalty, so what on earth was he sitting by my bedside? And more to the point why was I in Rivendell?

"We found you," he said, "We had recieved word from Lorien that a party of orcs had passed the borders of their land, so Lerith my brother and I set out to follow them. We lost the orcs, but we found you, and we thought you were dead, and you would have been but for Lerith, the one who spoke earlier. You have him to thank for your survival."

"Will I see him today?" I asked Elladan.
"He hopes you will," he replied, smileing, "Aragorn of the Dunedain arrives tonight, and so does Glorfindel and Elrohir, so a banquet will be held in the hall of fire. If you are well enough he asked me to ask you to be his quest."

I grinned. "He was right," Elladan said, "he said that your smile would be beautiful."
"Tell him yes," I said, "and ask him why he asks the son of his Lord to be the messanger."
Elladan stood up. "He would have sent another, but he is my friend, and I only desire his happiness."

He left the room, and all pain left me, as I slept on in happy dreams.

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