Blissful Queen of Gondor - For all you people who think Eowyn should have ended up with Aragorn.

I stand on a veranda of white stone. The day is bright with a spring wind wafting through Gondor's banners, and I, the blissful Queen of Gondor, stand to greet the morning.
I have all that I want. I have won great renown on the battlefield, I have become known as Eowyn Shield-arm, and I do not have to be a dry-nurse in Rohan any longer. I have won the heart of Lord Aragorn. I am now his blissful queen.
Poor Faramir was crushed when I rejected him at the Houses of Healing. But he just didn't understand. How could I marry him and pass up glory and renown? How could I pass up being the blissful Queen of Gondor?
I am blissful aren't I? Of course I am. But my neck aches from all the royal jewelry I have to wear. I told the smiths the jewels looked too gaudy, but they only laughed and told me that I had been a shieldmaiden too long.
I miss Rohan terribly. I do not show it because I must be a proud queen of Gondor. Oh, but I do miss Rohan! I miss sweet Eomer too. Perhaps I can get leave to visit him, after Aragorn settles all the matters concerning countries I have not even heard of before.
Look! Troops of Gondor now march down the street! They gaze up at me in all my splendor as a queen and they smile with wonder. Ah, glory and splendor! That is what I am living for.
But wait, I see one face that will not smile. I have seen that face before: it is Captain Faramir's face.
He is looking straight at me now. Will he not leave me alone? Can't he see I'm happy? I'm happy......aren't I?
Suddenly I remember the Houses of Healing. I didn't have to wear the heavy robes or gaudy jewels of a queen back then. I wore a blue mantel. It was so light. Faramir gave it to me......he said I looked so beautiful in it.
I remember he kept telling me that he loved me more than even Elven words could tell. He said that were I the blissful Queen of Gondor, he would love me.
Were I the blissful Queen of Gondor....
Oh! What have I done?! He loved me! Why did I leave him? For glory and splendor? What good is in them when your youth and beauty finally wears away? Then you are left with nothing...except with the one you love.
I desired to have the love of Lord Aragorn. I wished to have renown and glory and to be lifted far above the mean things that crawl on the earth. But I have been lifted too high. It is cold in these high towers; I was not meant to live in halls of stone. How can I ride a horse and sweep through golden fields when the ground is so far below me? How can I have the wind blow through my hair when my hair must be pinned back beneath a heavy crown? Now I must stand here in gaudy jewels, and watch my true love slowly walk away with the Gondor's troops.
No longer do I desire to be a queen.
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