Betrayed - Chapter 1

A lonely figure trekked down the side of the mountain of Moria. The stranger was clothed in a black cloak with a hood that covered his face. If you could have seen beneath the cloak, you would have known that this stranger was a woman. She walked slowly down the winding path that descended down the side of Moria. Pebbles crunched beneath her feet. Her dark eyes surveyed the landscape in front of her. Her eyes rested on a large boulder that sat near the side of the path. She paused and seemed to come to some decision, for she quickened her pace. With a leap she bounded to the top of the rock. She put a hand to her forehead, shielding her eyes from the sun. She squinted.

"Lothlorien..." she muttered to himself. She nodded and leapt down from the rock. She set out at a quick pace toward the forest of Lothlorien.


The raven flew up in the dark sky, between the stars. Over a large mountain he flew, his eyes always on the ground, searching for the one he sought. Over a large field he flew, when he spotted her. He fell into a sharp dive, coming to land on the person's shoulder. She glanced at him, seemingly not surprised.

"I have passed the mountain of Moria. I am nearing my final destination, Lothlorien." She said to the raven. The raven let out a loud caw, as if he understood. With a powerful beat of his wings he flew off in the direction he had come. She watched him fly away and smiled.


She stood in front of the outskirts of Lothlorien, staring at the trees that loomed above her. Then, without hesitation, she plunged confidently into the forest. She leaped over a tree root and jogged through the trees.

"Halt!" a loud voice commanded. Seven elven archers stepped out of the shadows, their bows pointed directly at her heart. She stopped and stared at them for a second. And then, to their surprise, she smiled.

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