Be Back Before Dawn - Untrusting days.

Be Back Before Dawn - Untrusting days.

They walked for a while and then Dawn heard the rushing of a stream. They came through the trees to a swift river. Éoaethel had a little drink from the cool waters. "There is one of my people yonder across the stream." Haldir informed her; then he gave a call like a low whistle of a bird. Then out of the thickets of some young trees stepped and elf clad in grey alike to Haldir.

Haldir skillfully cast a coil of rope across the stream; the elf caught it and bound the end about a tree near the bank. Haldir made his end of the rope fast about another tree. "In these days of watchfulness we make no bridges. This is how we cross, follow me!" He ran lightly along the rope, and then back again to her side.

"That is all well and good but I doubt Éoaethel would do well walking a rope." Said Dawn. Haldir smiled, "The elf across the stream is to cross back after we go to the other bank. As you can see the stream runs swiftly this far north, so Faralon, which is the elf over there. He will take your horse further downstream where it is calmer and swim it across."

Dawn nodded and took her saddle bag from Éoaethel; she adjusted the straps so she could wear it on her back. Haldir crossed before her. Dawn was happy she did not have a dress on today; she had a green tunic and leggings on. She stepped upon the rope, it was strong and smooth. She wasn't sure to trust it or not, but it seemed to her that she was expected to be able to do this.

Dawn looked ahead and walked lightly across the rope to the other side. Éoaethel neighed on the other side and shifted uneasily; she was right on the edge of the water. Dawn knew the horse wanted to jump in and swim over and follow her master. "Stay girl!" Dawn called to the horse in the tongue of the Mark, and the horse moved back from the water obediently. Dawn smiled to herself, she was always proud of how the horse listened to her. Maybe it was an elf thing.

The elf called Faralon ran lightly across the rope just like Haldir did, the elf said quiet words to the horse in Elvish and led Éoaethel off down stream.

Dawn turned back to Haldir, he beckoned for her to follow him and she did. "You have now come into the Naith of Lothlórien, or the Gore as you may call it, for it lies like a spearhead between the arms of Silverlode and Anduin the great. We allow no strangers to spy out the secrets of the Naith. Few indeed are permitted to set even foot there. You may walk free for a while, until we come nearer to our dwellings, down in Egladil, in the Angle between the waters. There you will be blindfolded."

Dawn looked at the elf in surprise, "You would have done well to tell me that I was going to be led blind by some stranger so I could have turned back when I had the chance." She said angrily. "What harm could I do? I care not for your secrets!" Dawn said sternly, her face remained calm but her eyes flashed at him angrily.


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