Banishment - Chapter One - The News

Riencuran whipped her blade up, blocking an invisible sword, from an invisible swordsman. She continued to block and strike, ignoring the disapproving glances that passing Elves gave her. A few hours later she stopped, finally tired.

'I wonder when Luin will be back from his talk with Elrond? I'll go see if he is.' the dark-haired Elf said to herself. She sheathed her long sword, and started for Elrond's house. Just outside the room her brother was in, she stopped, and listened.

'Luinithil, Sauron, the Dark Lord, has risen up. Men and Elves are creating an alliance, to crush the Shadow in the East. Every able Elf is summoned to fight. I know you were planning on wedding Rán Melesiën, of Mirkwood, but you and your father are some of or best fighters.'

'I understand Lord Elrond. Of course I will answer the summons, and will my father.' Ri could sense the strain in her brother's voice as he said, 'my father'. She forgot where she was for a moment, as she sadly and bitterly recalled when she was ninety-four.

A young Elf slipped silently into a large room, where an older Elf sat at a table, writing. She sat down in a corner of the room, watching. After several hours had gone by, with the older Elf not aknowlaging the young girl, she stood up.

'Adar? Adar, can...can you help me with my shooting lessons? Luin is out and-'

'No.' the elf replied, not looking up.

'Please Adar? Please?' the girl begged, coming closer to the table.

'I said no, child.' the elf stood up, and walked around to the girl.

'But Adar-' the Elf brought his hand down on the girl's face swiftly.

'Child, I am a busy person. I have no time for your silly games. Now, go!' the Elf struck her again and again, oblivious of the blood on his daughter's face from his sharp ring. She bit her lip, and ran from the room. The man stopped, and sighed, and brought his hand to his forehead. He saw the blood on his ring, and sighed again. He cleaned it off and went back to his desk.

The young ELf ran, until she hit someone. It was her brother. He looked angry.

'Did Adar do that to you?' he demanded. The girl nodded.

'Curse him. He's no father. He's more like a blasted Orc.' the girl said nothing, but she agreed with her brother.

'Don't call him adar, he was never that. I'm going to talk with him. He can't treat you like this, Thel and Mithren pick it up already, and Nan..she was never that either...Naurrís is no different. I won't let you be humiliated like this. Go wash your face, and wait in my room.' the girl nodded and went off, her gray eyes like flames, and full of hate.

'Luin can't go, Celebthoron and Naurrís will kill me.' Ri didn't know she had spoken aloud, and Elrond turned to her.

'What did you say Rien? What did you say about your parents?' Elrond had never been told of Rien's treatment, as everyone remained quiet about it.

'Nothing Lord Elrond. I'm just afraid that Luin won't come back from the War.'

'He'll come back. Your brother is a good swordsman. As is your father. Now, you both may go.' Luin and Ri bowed, and left.

'I'm leaving tomorrow, little Moon. Stay out of Thel, Mithren, and Naurrís's way, alright? I want you in one piece when I get back.'

'I will, Luin. I'll practice my sword and bow while you're gone.'

'That's it. Then you can beat me, after we beat Sauron.' he smiled and strode away.

'I hope you come back, blue Moon. I'll die if you don't.' Riencuran whispered, and she walked back to the practice yard.

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