Banishment-Chapter Five - No Subtitle

I doubt any of you were pining away while I strove to make a nice long chapter, but oh well. Here finally is the fifth chapter, hope you all like it.

- - - - -

Riencuran rode up to the front of her small group, her face unreadable, except for the coldness. That was never a good sign for her 'troops' and the orcs shifted uncomfortably, muttering among themselves.

Snagas, that's how we're treated.'

'Without us, she'd be nothing.'

'Let's just rebel against the she-Elf.' said an orc with scars all over his back. Scars Riencuran had given him.

'Did you speak, Ugluz?' Riencuran stopped her black horse on front of the scarred orc. The orc looked down, as did the others.

'I didn't Commander.' he muttered.

'More lashes. Lying and rebellion are not tolerated. Ten for the lies, twenty for the thoughts of rebellion, and the rack for even speaking, as do the rest of you. And you run, all the way back to the Tower of Sorcery.' she cracked her long, spiked whip.

'And you don't eat when we return for two days. Now move!' It was five days to Minas Morgul, and they had been maching non-stop for more than a week.

Five days later, they were in Minas Morgul. The orcs were dismissed to their training, and later punishment, while Riencuran went to find her old commander, Nanza. While looking, she was confronted by a young human, who looked liklike she wasn't even thirteen yet.

'Fight me.' the girl commanded. Some other mercenaries looked up.

'Leave Commander Riencuran. She has business Dailen.' one called out.

'Quiet.' Riencuran said, then to the girl. 'Fine. You want to fight me, fight me.' the girl attacked, and Rien smiled. She had skill, but not enough against more than two thousand years of it. The fight was over quickly, the girl pinned easily beneath Riencuran's silver blade.

'There, you fought me. Now, I have business.' The girl stood up and cursed Rien.

'I swear by Melkor I kill you! One day we'll fight again, and it'll be you under my blade!'

'I highly doubt that human.' Riencuran left and found Nanza.

'Curan, back so soon?' Nanza greeted her. Riencuran grimaced.

'I hate training those foul orcs. They are filthy, and worse than those human lightsiders.' Nanza looked up. Riencuran smiled.

'Dark humans are fine.' her face grew icy. 'Except for that pert human, Icara, I believe her name is. Dailen Icara. What is she, twelve? And she challenges me to fight, and curses me when I beat her.'

'She's from Harad. Our mercenaries and orcs destroyed her village, and she wanted to become one of us. We have her twin, who wanted to become an assassin. They both think the other is dead. We also had her sister, Circa, but the girl died. The boy, Andiliun, will be part of your new troop.'

'New troop?'

'Yes, you're working with other Elves and humans from Harad, Khand, and Angband. He will be amoung them.'

'I see. Andiliun Icara. How old is he and his sister?'

'She has been refusing to eat until someone fights her, so she seems like she is about twelve, because of her small figure. She and her brother are fifteen.'

'Well. I'll start them then.' She started to leave.



'Here. You have a job, before you start training. Umbar. With Morion, the Son of the Dark.'

'Morion? When?'

'You are to meet him just outside Minas Morgul.'

'Very well.' Riencuran left, never thinking that Morion, the Son of the Dark, would ever have any impact on her life.

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