Attacked - Chapter 6

~*(I noticed that i accidentally wrote chapter 5 in second person, not first! sorry!

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of lord of the rings and such, just borrowed one to put in my story)*~

I stared at the door where Haldir had been taken out of moments ago. He had kissed me....'Why?' I wondered.

Hours passed, unknown to me for my mind still dwelt on Haldir.

The door was kicked open with a clatter, forcing me to jump. The same people that took Haldir had brought him back in. His legs were dragging against the dirt floor, and they held his limp arms. They tossed him in the sand, making dust fly.

The two men hesitated and looked at the elf and then left, closing the door securely behind them.

I rushed to him. They had taken his shirt and gashed lay across his back. Blood slowly dripped from them. His stomach muscles tensed with pain as he drew breath.

"What happened?" I asked as I quickly cleansed the wounds.

"They asked me questions, and I remained silent. One flick of the whip for every question unanswered." He winced when I thouched a cut.

"What sort of questions?" I asked as I began to wash away the crimson blood, carefully trying not to press firmly where the whip cut deepest.

"Where I live, my name, family, all about my past." He sighed painfully when I had tightened the cloth, forbidding the wound to bleed more.

"Shhh..." I said softly, pressing my fingers to his lips. "You need rest now. You will not be comfortable on your back or side, so I will permit you to lay your head on my lap as you sleep."

He nodded and laid there until his eyes closed and exhaustion took him.

I ran my tapered fingers through his silver hair. Slowly, I outlined his ears with my fingertips. The day had been long. They elf was tired. I decided I would ask him about his prior behavior when he was well.

His fair face was peaceful when he slept. Haldir's had formed a smile of grim satisfaction. 'Let his dreams be sweet when I protect them.' I thought. I looked at his brow and brushed my lips against it. 'Tis silly, that I've known him for such a short time, and I have grown to love him.' I thought as I resumed my gaze on his face.

"Mellon le." (I love you) I whispered as I too drifted off into a deep sleep, with my prince asleep in my arms.

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