Attacked - Chapter 4

(Disclaimer: i do not own any of Lord of the Rings characters and such, i just am borrowing them to put in my story)

The dark Prince Cundmaethor and a scout were perched high in a tree, concealed from the forest floor below.

"Tiro." (look) said the scout as he pointed downwards.

The Prince's eyeswidened for it was another foolish light elf entering his realm. "Sieze him.......and put him with the other prisoner. E u-ar hired rad." (he is lost)

I raised my head as the door to the dungeon opened. Cundmaethor had entered. Another elf follwed him, carrying something. Something large. He laid it down on the other side off the room. The Prince just smirked at me and left, without saying a word.

I looked at the thing and crept towards it warily. My hands gently rolled it over. An elf. One of high stature for he had regal armour. My fingers traced the metal. When I raised them, blood covered the fingertips. He was wounded! I took of the heavy chestplate, and saw that the blood was staining his clothes. Then I unbottoned his shirt. An enormous gash ran down his side. I put my ear to his chest to litsen for a heartbeat. It was there, but it was faint. Then I put my cheek to his lips, and warm, shallow breath tickled it.

I fetched my water that I had for the day and rinsed the dried blood and dirt away. Then I tore a part off the hem of my dress and made a bandage. The elf groaned slightly while I was tightening it.

My hand grsped his. Large , square, calloused hands. He was strong.

His eyes opened slightly, but enough that I could see their piercing gray color.

"Estellio nin." (trust me) I whispered.

His eyes fluttered, and he fell into a deep sleep.

"Open your eyes. You are safe." I hovered over the elf as he looked up. I wondered if he was weak.

Apparantly not I thought as he jumped up and pulled a small daggar from his boot. He administered a headlock around my throat. I gasped for air to speak.

"Avo bedo." (do not speak) he muttered.

"Avo thano ruth vi gur alfirin!" (do not kindle anger in an immortal heart) I said through clenched teeth.

"Who are you to speak to me this way?" he asked.

"Daugleriadhwen." I replied, clawing at his arms to loosen their grip. He let go and stepped back.

"I can tell by your harsh words that you have a wicked tongue like me. Also it says that hatred dwells in the depths of your heart." he said, cocking his head. When he did this, the light caught his face in the dark, and his silver hair shined bright, almost too bright for me too look at.

"I have survived here for six months, Master Elf. I have a strong heart and unbreakable courage. Who are you to say such things?"

He smiled mischievously, as if amused of my anger. "I am Haldir, the Marchwarden of Lorien. I serve Galadriel, the fair lady of light. What about you?"

"Me? I am from the hidden city of Sindarian. I am the former Captain. By looking at you.....I can see that you are young. I am more skilled in battle, for I have fought more than you."

"We will have to test your boasting, shall we?.......As soon as we get out of here." he replied.

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