Attacked - Chapter 2

Silently, I tightened the strap to Ashfox's saddle. My hand ran over the smooth, soft leather. I had decided to leave. To escape grief, to escape pain.

Ashfox's hoofbeats echoed through the empty streets as we traveled on the worn paths. Elvdir's voice was still fresh in my mind. "I love you. he had said. His death tore a piece of my heart out and was thrown into oblivion.

"Daugleriadhwen?" asked a sweet, low female voice.

I turned. Tuarwen stepped out of the shadows. Her dark eyes looked me up and down. "Traveling?" she asked.

I looked at the ground, ashamed because she was a citizen of the city. "I'm leaving." I said quietly.

"Where?" she asked, proding me with questions.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Just away from this immense sadness."

She approached me, and took my hand. Something cool fell into it. I looked down and saw a ring.

"It will bring comfort to least it does for me." she said, and stroked my face.

"Hannon le." (thank you) I replied. She embraced me.

I turned and walked through the threshold. "Namarie." (farewell) I said as I walked put of the city.

My company, Ashfox and I, traveled the plains that were beyond Beinloth. Crisp air blew around me. Some of my grief was lifted away at the new scenes. A forest lay ahead. Unknown to elves of Sindarian and Beinloth. An urge in my mind wanted me to explore. I gave in.

Shadows lurked behind every tree. Ashfox was becoming nervous. A crack uttered behind us. I whirled around. Nothing there. I turned to face forward. A man stood in front of me. Cloaked in black, he drew a knife. "What are you doing in this forest, forbidden to the light elves?"

Some magic was at work, for I forgot what happened...after looking into those dark, mysterious eyes enchanted me, and everything fade...into utter darkness.

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