As the Darkness Falls, Hope comes - Generations after the fellowship has done it duty and destroyed the ring.

"You are a shame! A flithy LITTLE rat! How dare you walk before me without bowing!" Mister I'm-the-royal-pain-in-the-rear bellowed sending chunks of spit on my face.

"I'm sorry that you were stupid enough to think I would bow to you. You are not my lord, no one is my lord. You are no threat to me." I speak calmly and slow.

He step towards me,"You are just like your mother, good thing we killed her, should have killed you long ago."

That's when I lost it. Swinging my arm out palm flat towards his chest I focused on the cold feel of ice. How you can hear your heartbeat pounding as your veins struggle to move your blood. His eyes widened, a step backwards. With my other arm I pull the water from the ground, as it surfaces it turns to ice. I push my hands and the ice flies at him and surrounds his torso.

"Don't worry, it won't kill you, yet." I turn and walk off.

Before I continue I should fill you in on what I am, and what has happened.

I am half elf and half werein or werewolf. I was a mistake. My mother fell in love with a kind werein named Daer, one of the strongest wereins who ever lived. Now werein's were blamed for many things they had no control over like most new creatures. Yes, we eat meat, but only game. We don't go crazy when there is a full moon, like most would think.

My mother was Marielle, an elf. She was different from most elves though I have no clue why. She couldn't shoot an arrow to save her life. She had power to bend the elements. Her people found out about me and killed my mother, but when they turned to me my father went after them. I was little then but I remeber what he told them,"Do not blame a child for what they are, let them grow and see who they become."

Someone fired an arrow and it hit just left of my fathers heart. He smiled at me and said,"Don't fear my Kali, I will be with your mother and care for her forever." Then he was gone.

Since then I have been in Mirkwood doing the jobs most would hate. It's not the same as when Legolas was here. It has become a horrible place. When he died, Halede, the royal-pain-in-the-rear took over. He is an evil person. He is the reason that we have to steal for food.

I leave with just a simple pack with two sets of clothes, a half fulled waterskin, and three small loaves of hard cakes. I plan to head for Rohan and find a horse who will ride hard for me. Then I may head for Gondor, where the Late Lord Aragorn had set a law that anyone who wished to live on his land and work for it was welcomed.

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