Arwen's Anguish - Chapter 2 Arwen knew she must choose...

Arwen knew that she must choose between the dress of rich autumn brown velvet or the dress of rustling wine shangtung that evoked thoughts of long evenings spent dwelling on the eyes of her lover as she sipped her full-bodied glass of burgundy. She sighed heartbrokenly as she decided firmly
on the light sky blue beaded chiffon dress ; the white
beads painted across her dress white fluffy storm clouds like
those of a midsummer's night, very much like her own
torn emotions. Her hands trailed over the beadwork as a
sunbeam shoots through a cloud of dreariness. She
suddenly gasped as she realized that now , after all this
deliberation she must choose a scarf to match her dress.
Her lovely white brow furrowed in a frown as she thought
deeply , "Which oh which shall I choose?" Her choices were
a lovely sea spray cream cut out velvet, or a delicate bird-
song white satin , a bubbling brook fawn of polyestor
- a blend of 80 % polyestor and 20% cotton. She closed her
tender eyes tightly and with a trembling hand grasped
the polyestor and cotton blend. "Word! I have found it!!
the scarf that will set off my lovely sky blue beaded clouds
dress perfectly!!" "Now, on to the shoes." She resolutely
turned up her chin and stamped her tiny foot. "I shall not
wear these mere leather bindings stripped from a helpless
cute cuddly adorable mild deer! I must needs wear shoes
spun of silver, trimmed in purest gold to meet my love ,
my dear one; can you guess who I mean??"
to be continued...
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