Ariwen's Visit to the Shire - Part 5

As she walked slowly back to Bag End, Ariwen was thinking about Eldarion. He didn't know yet, but once the news reached him, she would never hear the end of it.

Quite suddenly, she found herself inside Bag End, with her mother in front of her, questioning her about her punishment. "I live with the Serfs for two weeks when we get back to Minas Tirith", Ariwen said and quickly left her mother's presence to search for Elanor.

Ariwen found her sitting on the edge of her bed, sulking. "I've got three weeks helping Farmer Maggot with his crop, you?" said Elanor as soon as Ariwen entered.

"Two weeks living with the Serfs", replied Ariwen.

"Our mothers have been talking. You leave tomorrow for Minas Tirith"

"WHAT?!", screamed Ariwen, "tomorrow?"

"Yes, tomorrow", replied Elanor impatiently.

They both complained long into the night in Elanor's room, until their mother's came to put the two to bed.


The next day, all was ready to depart. Aragorn, Sam, Merry, and Pippin were trying hard not to cry in front of the children, likewise with Arwen and Rosie. Elanor and Ariwen felt like they had lost half of their selves, and Eldarion was saying bye to all the boys, Faramir in particular.

"Elanor, I want to see you in Minas Tirith sometime, ok", Ariwen spoke her words of parting.

"I'll come sometime, when Papa has a mind to visit your father again", Elanor did the same.

The company was leaving. Ariwen jumped on her horse,"Namarie, mellon"*

"Namarie, mellon, namarie."*

With that the company rode off and left the Hobbits staring after them until they were out of sight.

*Namarie, mellon: Farewell, friend
*Namarie, mellon, namarie: Farewell, friend, farewell

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