Ariwen's Visit to the Shire - Part 3

Ariwen woke early the next morning to find her Mother shaking her awake. Drowsily she said,"Mom! If its not Lorichen, its you!"

"Good morning to you, too Honey", replied Arwen, as if she hadn't even heard what her daughter had said. "Anyway", she continued, "I think you may be meeting a lot of new friends in this house"

At that, Ariwen jumped out of the bed so fast that a passerby would have thought that the bed was arrayed with poisonous spikes. Accepting her reaction as an answer, Arwen handed her the new dress for the day and went off to join the rest at breakfast.


As soon as Ariwen had eaten, she went off to play with the Hobbit children. She had tried to persuade Eldarion to come with her, but he had wanted to go back to the campsite with their Father.

She found that as Elanor was the oldest, she was the quickest to make friends with the newcomer. Ariwen and Elanor were about the same age, so that made it even easier for the two to become quick friends. There was one more reason why they were so good with each other: they were both mischievous.

Elanor started off with giving Ariwen a tour of Hobbiton. Then she mentioned Farmer Maggot's crop. Not the Farmer Maggot in Buckland, but his brother, there in Hobbiton. As it turned out, both of them had a slight addiction to Mushrooms.

With a slight conversation and a few nods, all had been decided. They set out for the Farm.

Now Elanor had been in it so many times before, that she had the Farm at the back of her hand. A slight advantage for them, since the Farmer couldn't remember whether the right corner was Carrots or Cabbages.

Elanor quickly led them both to the Mushrooms. "Quick!", she hissed, handing Ariwen a small basket. While Ariwen held the basket, Elanor quickly piled in Mushrooms until no more could fit. Right when they were about to make their escape...THUD!

Farmer Maggot had snuck up on them and knocked all the Mushrooms out the basket while still muttering stuff like,"Stinkin' young varmints! Ever set foot on me land again, i'll know how t' take care of 'em".

Thats when he spotted Ariwen, and at once knew that this was no Hobbit at all, by any means. "Aye," he said with wonder. "Who may you be? Its been long years since the Big People wandered on our lands"

"I am Ariwen Telcontar, daughter of the King Elessar of Minas Tirith."

"Aye, Milady. Your Father shall hear about this soon enough. And yours, Miss Gamgee"

With that he dragged them by their ears all the way to Bag End.

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