Ariwen's Visit to the Shire - Part 1

Ariwen was woken by her Handmaiden Lorichen's impatient shriek for her to get out of bed. Lorichen had to be the most impatient person in Middle Earth, thought Ariwen. But she answered, "I'm coming!" rather reluctantly.

Lorichen scrambled up to her with the new dress for that day. Ariwen thanked and dismissed her. The sooner she was gone, the better. Ariwen threw on the dress and raced into her brother's room screaming,"Wake up! We're going to the Shire today!"

"Alright! Alright! I'm exited too, but you don't have to jump on top of my head!", yelled Eldarion.

"Fine...just be at breakfast in 5 minutes"


Ariwen raced down stairs and all most ran into her mother, Arwen. Arwen caught her by the shoulders."I was going upstairs to wake you up", she said.

"Don't worry about that...Lorichen always wakes me up", Ariwen replied.

"What about your brother, Eldarion?"

"Hes not fully awake, though I woke him up"

"Good...see you at breakfast, honey"

"see ya, mom"

She started running for the dining room again. She reached it just as Eldarion came charging through the opposite door. They scowled and didn't say a word to each other. between them, at the breakfast table, sat their father, Aragorn, drinking his...what was he drinking? Ariwen didn't know and didn't care. Aragorn was the first to break the silence."Children, as i'm sure you know, today we will be starting are long journey to the Shire and Legolas and Gimli will be accompaning us, for they wish to visit the Shire as well."

"Fantastic!!!", cried both children at once.

"Shhh!", said their father quickly.

"When do we leave?", asked Ariwen in a quiter voice.

"As soon as breakfast is over", answered Arwen, who had just come throught the door.

"Great", said Eldarion

With that, the two children began to gulp down their breakfast like Hobbits eat Mushrooms. In 5 minutes,"We're done!", they announced. Then raced upstairs to finish their final packing preperations.


15 minutes later, they were all on horses, ready for the long journey to the Shire. Ariwen and Eldarion were so exited, they almost fell off their horses. In front of them, Their father sighed,"Ariwen! Eldarion! Please stay calm! We won't be reaching the Shire for at least 15 days!"

"What?!", screamed Ariwen and Eldarion together,"15 days?!"

"Yes, 15 days, now please, back on your horses"

Grumbling, they remounted.

"All is ready to depart", said a bowing servant coming before their father.

"Then let us leave", replied the king.

"Yes, Sire", answered the servant, bowing again.

Aragorn's Cheif Guard blew a loud horn and they set off.


10 days later the company was at their campsite for thed night. They had reached Weathertop and were staying there for the night. Aragorn
predicted that if they hurried, they could reach
the Shire in 5 days, if they traveled through Bree, that is. He was worried, though. He had promised to leave Bree alone, but the whole company was very exited, and he was sure the Shire was, too. In the end he decided that he would ask the Mayor of Bree permission to pass through and if he was refused, they would take another road.

Meanwhile, Eldarion had gone off to talk with some of the guards, while Ariwen and Arwen were talking nonstop. Aragorn went to his Cheif Guardsman,"Send a messenger to Bree asking the Mayor permission to travel through the country."

"Yes, Your Majesty", replied the Guardsman. Bowing, he departed.

Now that thats all taken care of, I need to speak to Arwen about this matter. He started to walk towards Ariwen and Arwen, but suddenly, he stopped. "No", he thought, "shes enjoying herself too much with Ariwen for me to trouble her with another matter right now. With that he went to see how Supper was coming along.


The next morning, Aragorn was woke by a galloping sound from outside. "It must be the messenger returning!", he thought. Quickly, he got up, dressed, and went out to meet him. "What word have you?", said Aragorn anxiously. The Messenger unmounted and knelt.

"The Mayor of Bree gives you and your company leave to travel over his land and he thanks you for asking leave and keeping your promise to leave Bree alone"

"Very well, thank you. You may go. And mind you take some rest, there is a long day ahead"

"Yes, Sir, and thank you"

2 hours later, all was ready for another day of riding.


5 days later, they were on the outskirts of the Shire! Ariwen could hundreds of Halflings there to meet them...she was so exited! She had never seen Halflings before! Before she knew it, they were at the gates, they had reached the Shire.

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