Archery Practice, finding out feelings - this is one of my short stories.

"Leggy, is this how you hold it," I asked to the blond elf on my right.
" No,no,no, like this," he said coming right up behind me. He placed his right hand on my right moving my hand up a few inches. Legolas then put his left hand over my left making me grab the end of arrow more. That gave it more support and direction.
"This is how you hold," he whispered in my pointed ear. I stiffened slightly by that comment. I could feel his breath on my ear, and his heart beat on my back. Under his tunic I coulld feel his taught muscles.( authors note: this can make me faint sometimes) I stiffed cause he whisped it and another of his proximites/closeness.
To my great disapointment, he steped away. Part of me wanted to pull him back in and another wanted to scream to him my feelings.
I let go of the arrow and it landed dead center of the tree trunk. Great job, Legolas said and walked to the tree to retreive his arrow. I sighed as I walked over to our things. * That was too close,* I thought. I gathered my things as Legolas came over to our things.
" We should be getting home soon," I said as I looked up to the sky. As it was the sun was starting to set. The rays of the sun were starting to turn different shades of pink, red, and yellow.
I wistled for, Dark, my goddess horse, to come. Dark flew down from my home in the clouds with a trail of flame and ember behind him.
He trotted over to us and nickered softly. I scratched his neck and said," I know you miss me boy." I climbed up and pulled Legolas behind me. With a touch of my heals we went home towards Mirkwood.
It was almost dark when we got to the gates. I nodded towards the guards as we walked past. Mirkwood was like Lorien but the houses weren't all the way at the canopy of the trees. Instead they were lower to the ground and sturdy stairs leading into each house. The common houses were held up by 1 or 2 trees. On the other hand, the palace in which me, Legolas, and his family recided in, was held up by at least 50 or more trees. The walls were carved in many difficult designs and painted with alot of care. I halted Dark in front of the stairs leading inside the palace. We dismounted, said good bye to Dark, and went inside the great hall of Thranduil.
~*~ Late at night ~*~

I walked down the coridor to Legolas' chambers. I couldn't sleep and need his comforting embrace. For the past few nights I have been having vivid visions of my past. Most of which were horrible to see.
I knocked softly on his door and heard his sweet fair voice,"come in." I opened the door to find many different candles lit setting for an array of colors and aroma's. Legolas was on his bed, without his shirt mind you, making more arrows for his quiver.
"What's wrong Ruby," he asked. " I can't sleep anymore," I replied. He saw that I was on the verge of tears and quickly stood up. He came over to me,closed the door, and with an arm around my sholder led me further into his room. He sat me on his bed and took his place beside me.I sat crossed legged on his bed. " What happened," he asked. I looked at him and he searched my soul like he always does when I have a problem. He finally saw the answer he needed.
"You had another vision," Legolas concluded," and a bad one at that." I nodded and flung my arms around his waist and buried my face in his neck. He stared to rub my back and made little shushing noises to calm me down. Sobs wracked my body as I cried into his neck. His fair, soft skin getting wet. He did not mind or he would have pushed me away and tell me to stop crying.
He ran his hands through my strawberry blond hair and up and down my back. Soon my tears stopped and I stoped crying. We stayed in that embrace for me nor him wanted to move. I moved away first. My eyes were red from crying. I saw his silvery blue eyes and him them I saw sadness, care, and love. * wait a minute,love," I thought.
I realized then and there that he loved me as a lover would, not as a brother sister would. He realized that I saw that he loved me more than a sister. Legolas then saw the same well up in my eyes.
" Leggy, can I stay with you tonight," I asked softly. He nodded and stood up. He grabbed my hand lead me over to one side of his bed. I saw him start to blow out his candles as I sat under the covers of his bed. I layed back as the last one went out. Soon I could feel him beside me. I snuggled close to him and he put his arms around my waist. I put my head on his chest and before I fell asleep I whispered, I love you mellon nin.


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