Apocolypse - chptr. 3

Principle charachters
Anastasia, A sky elf, features: waist length blonde hair, tall,skinny,pale,green eyes, has wings with angelic powers.

Cabella,A elf/witch,knee length black hair, skinny, tall, very pale,blue eyes,
has many powers.

Akasha,human/elf,past shoulder length brown hair,skinny,tall,tan,brown eyes,
no powers, but pure of heart.

Armand,son of legolas,looks like legolas,has better bow and arrow skills than legolas, arent you glad there is a story without legolas.

Sorry the first chptr was deleted so I put the need to know stuff on here.

It was a misty , cold night, no stars shown. Anastasia knew she'd been beat, but who betrayed her? Who knew where she was other than her own sisters?
Oh, Armand are you okay, she thought. Her mind was closing, emerald eyes shadowed in power. She looked up, a star appeared in the night sky. It was the star of the Icerinian elves or the elves of the sky. Anastasia whispered to the star.

"Please, Cerina, let me see Armand one more time."

She closed her eyes.
There he was tied down to a tree. Anastasia walked toward him slowly. Her emerald eyes glowing with the stars, long blonde hair down in curls, she wore a long, white, silky, flowing dress, skin shimmered alittle golden. Anastasia was angelic.
Armands head was down. She touched his cheek and whispered.

"Armand," and with that she kissed his forehead. Then untied him.

"wake up."

He lifted his head as she faded into the night.

"Save me, Armand."

"Where are you going?"



She had gone.

"I'll find you," He whispered.

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