Apocolypse - chpr 2

Anastasia smiled.

"Who was this man?."Akasha said.

"I dont know."

" What did he look like?"

"He had blue eyes, blonde hair, his beauty buys, with every stare."

"OMG, You love King Legolas?"

"No, it wasnt him because I've seen Legolas before, but he looked lke him."

"Armand." Akasha whispered.



"Who is that?"

"Legolas's son."

"Really" Anastasia smiled.

"Yes, but you cant have him."

"Why?" she said frowning.

"Because he swore to another girl to love her forever."

"Your lying because you want him".


(Armand all ready is mine) akasha thought.


Armand, through many sources and the fact that there was only one winged creature in Mirkwood, found out who Anastasia was ,and where to find her. He planned to go to the spot they meet tomarrow evening, but what would he wear?

Next day...

Armand ran to the spot where they had met and sure enough there she was. She was picking some flowers and putting them in her hair.


Anastasia smiled. She knew who it was.


"Will you take a walk with me?"


Anastasia's white dress wrippled in the wind, her hair flowing, cheeks pale pink from the cold, eyes shining in the moonlight. they had been walkin around for hours. They found a spot on a hill over looking a beautiful lake. Armand held Anastasia in his arms.

"I love you."

Anastasia looked into his eyes, her wings fluttered.

"I love you, too."


Under no awares someone was watching them. Yes, it thought, this will be perfect. It went back to the camp of orcs and got a small band of them to kidnap the love birds.



"What was that?"

All the sudden something hit Armand in the head and knocked him out. Anastasia screamed. Then She to was beaten.
Anastasia awoke in a wooden cage. She looked around. Four orcs were holding her cage up.

"Where are you beasts taking me?" She screamed.

"To Morador, fine princess."

(fine princess? what does that mean I wonder?)

"Wheres Armand?"

"We left him tied to a pole."


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