Another Rowen Story:1

The Fellowship began there journey to Mt.Doom the next day. Across fields and plains they cross. Not noticing any thing. But Aragorn knew there was someone following them,but who was it? Could it be Gollum? Thats who he wanted it to be. They went to Moria after failing to cross Caradhras. That is when he notice who it was. After the fight in Balin's Tomb, and going down to the bridge of Khazad-dum. when the Balrog came out and tried to stop them and Gandalf shood up to him. The Balrog pulled out a wip. Gandalf told him he could not pass. Suddenly the Balrog frozen and then broke into ice cubes.
"And he wont pass."
A woman was floating in the air in her left hand was a ball of ice and in her right was a ball of fire. Her eyes glowed a blue colour. She wore an elf-like outfit. She landed and Gandalf ran arcoss the bridge and tripped and fell into the blackness. As Gandalf fell the women walked closer to the remaining of the Fellowship. Her eyes still glowed blue.
"Dont be afraid," she said. "Iam here to help you not fight you."
Her eyes turned there natureal colour. It was Rowen.
"You scared us Rowen," said Aragorn.
"You know her?" asked Boromir.
"We all know her. Remember. the council."
"Ahh. Elrond Daughter."
"Yah," she said. "Now lets go."
"Loiren. To my mothers kin. We should be welcomed there."
"We loss our leader Gandalf. We have lost some hope."
"With me you gain hope."
So the Fellowship continued to Lorien to see what there journey awaits there.
TO BE CONTINUED...........

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