Anime LotR - Prologue

NOTE: I know Elves aren't considered mortal, but in this story, I've had to change things a bit...okay, maybe a lot. Well, the InuYasha part won't work if immortals are fighting immortals! I mean, sure there's more than Elves in it, but InuYasha doesn't work that way.


Rivendell, Third Age 2968

InuYasha burst through the roof of the village shrine, the One Ring and the Shikon no Tama in his grasp. Aragorn and Legolas shot at him with arrows while soldiers hurled spears at his body, but each missile bounced off him as if it were nothing. Women and children screamed in fear as the half-demon leaped over their heads, laughing.

"At last, it is mine!" he cried to the heavens. "With the Jewel, I can become a true demon at last! And with the Ring, I'll be a greater demon than Inu-no-taisho!" His feet hit the ground with a soft thud, and then he bounded off into the forest.

"InuYasha!" the wounded princess Arwen Undomiel cried in rage. She drew back the bowstring, and then let its magic arrow soar through the air. The missile hit InuYasha's left shoulder just above his heart, pinning him to a tree and causing him to drop the One Ring.

"Ar...Arwen," he stuttered, reaching for the trinket. With one last sigh, InuYasha's head drooped and he fell under a sealing curse. His face looked as peaceful as if he were dreaming. Arwen limped to the tree and retrieved both the Ring and the Jewel.

"The Ring," she groaned, clenching her fist around it, "for such a thing as this. And the Jewel." Her shoulder was drenched in blood from an earlier attack by the half-demon himself. Arwen fell to her knees as her brothers and Gandalf ran to her aid.

"Sister!" cried Elladan. "Your wounds, they're so deep." Gandalf noticed the trail of blood behind Arwen.

"We've got to get you to your father right away!" he exclaimed. Arwen grasped the Ring even tighter.

"No. Take these," said she as she held out the talismans to them, "and burn them, along with my body." Arwen glared at InuYasha. "I can't have it fall into the wrong hands again." She gave one last loving glance to her brothers, then fell on her side, dead from her wounds.

Following her orders, Elladan and Elrohir built a pyre and burned their sister's body along with the One Ring and the Jewel of Four Souls (a.k.a. the Shikon no Tama). Great mourning for the princess arose, but none cared for the wretched half-demon's fate as he hung to the tree by a single arrow to be sealed for all of eternity.

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