And the Dead Will Walk.... - Chapter 3

Aragorn stood in front of Gondor, looking at the beautiful Elf that was Mayna. She was beautiful, but from experience, he also knew that she was deadly. He saw the hard muscle on her arms and legs. When he looked in her eyes he saw the special sadness that was there in all people that have seen war. She bowed to him.

"It is an honor to meet you, King Aragorn," she said. He smiled and stuck out a hand. She grinned and she shook it.

" It is my honor to meet you, Lady Mayna." He said. Her eyes went over him and she surveyed Gondor.

"The man who has done wonders for Gondor." She said softly. She looked into his eyes and he knew that she knew about his dilemma. She reached out and clasped a hand on his shoulders. She leaned forward.

"And I will do all I can do to keep some of the peace Gondor has earned." She whispered, "But I do not know if what I can do is enough." He looked at her and saw actual tears in her eyes. "I am an Elf. I have lived long. I saw The White City in all its splendor. The towers and banners and gleaming walls untouched by the horrors of war. I will do all I can to make Gondor that way again." Aragorn looked at Mayna and saw that she meant what she said.

" I thank you." He said.


Faramir sat on the walls deep in thought. Something was troubling his king. He was quiet and withdrawn. Faramir often had to repeat things because Aragorn was not listening. Arwen had noticed it too. Faramir and Arwen were both worried. Neither one of them knew what was bothering him. They suspected it had something to do with Mayna. He had started acting weird when she arrived last week.

"Faramir." A voice said. He looked up, surprised. He had been so deep in thought he had not heard someone come up. It was Mayna. He moved over so that she had more room. She sat down and stared at the rolling hill outside of Gondor. He looked at her. He admired her. She had helped train some boys once and he had seen how well she handled all weapons. She was an experienced warrior, he could tell. You don't find many women warriors with her experience. To be truthful, you didn't find many men warriors with her experience. She was a deadly warrior and had seen many things that many men see in their nightmares. She was also kind and helpful, and did not lose her temper easily. He looked at her and sighed.

"What is bothering Aragorn?" he asked her, his eyes pleading her to tell him. She sighed.

"L'ana will attack Gondor very soon" she said softly. Faramir looked at her, horrified. " Yes, and he does not know whether to attack first and get the upper hand or spare his people the horror of war for as long as possible. Do you know what you would choose if you were in his position?" Faramir shook his head, his eyes wide.

" Are you talking about me?" a dry voice came from behind them. Faramir turned around. Aragorn was there, a wry smile on his face.

" Yes." Mayna answered brightly. Aragorn made a face at her, but she just grinned.

" We were talking about L'ana, and what has been bothering you." Faramir said softly. Aragorn bowed his head.

"Yes, that." Aragorn said softly. "I don't know what to do."

"Aragorn," said Mayna and her voice was full of fear," You don't have a choice anymore" she pointed to the horizon.

There was a black mass on the horizon. On closer inspection Faramir could see it was an army. An Orc army. Coming toward Gondor.

I like cliffhangers!! Hehe! Can you tell? I'll post soon though!! Comment Please!!

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