Anastasiya - Risen in the image

Her hands and feet were tied tight together as blood leaked from under the bonds. She was being dragged mercilessly by evil looking men across the cold, hard floor of a throne room. A high pitched laugh echoed across the bare, black room. A shudder of horror and dread shook through the apparently young girls body.
The men stopped walking and dropped her; she clattered to the floor as a bone breaking snap sliced through the silent air. She managed to lift her head a fraction and saw a tall, robed figure gliding towards her, Bearing down her as a dog on its prey.

"Sooo." The whisper sent shivers down her spine. "I have finally found you."

She forced her head up and stared defiantly back.

"You found me?" she said scathingly

"My daughter you will always be easy for me to find."

"I am not you're daughter. I never will be the daughter of Morgoth."

A cackle of laughter came out of his evil mouth.

"You have no idea what is in a name. Your name decides who you are, what you're going to be like. You have just called me The Black Enemy."

He looked away, a look of repulsion was on his face.

"Your pretty name has a wonderful meaning." His voice was full of sarcasm. "I named you Oselle. I intended for you to be my companion. But your mother" He spat the word out. "named you Anastasiya, resurrected. SHE intended for you to be in the image of her."

Footsteps were heard on the marble floor of the throne room. All eyes tuned to see who it was. A look of utter relief was on Anastasiyas face, a look of horror on Morgoths.

"She has succeeded."

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