An Old Friend - prologue

One day while Legolas was walking in the forest when he decided to try to find his old friend,Robin Hood. Robin and himself used to get into real trouble together. Sadly Robin got in soo much trouble that he got banished by the KING!! Legolas was so mad at his father when he "assigned" Legolas a new friend. It was thought the main reason the king banished Robin Hood was because he hated humans or men. Robin was known for the pranks he played and the things he stealed for living. Legolas had never known such a life as free-spirited as Robin's was. He longed for adventure and hoped every day that he may again find Robin Hood. Surprisingly Legolas liked his new friend. At first he just ignored him, then he asked his name because that boy just wouldn't leave. He found that his name was Mark. Legolas loved Mark as a brother,but it just wasn't the same. It wasn't the same because Mark was kind of a coward and wouldn't do anything to get in trouble!!
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