An Elf Maiden's Dream - The Freedom of an Elf Maiden

An Elf Maiden's Dream

Walking on the grass so soflty, her footsteps are not heard
Only she can hear the wind whisper an unheard word
The moonlight's silver shimmers softly on her fair, pale skin
No one can discover what her wise heart holds within

The night is young and so she soars like the eagle flies
Mystical creatures run beside her, she sees them through her eyes
She runs through the woods as fast and swift as her legs may go
Her feet splash in the river bed of a stream that does gently flow

She climbs a tree with graceful movements that are not the same
Hearing the wind through the leaves, the trees calling her name
She cannot ever abandon this earth, the wilderness that greatly claims her
The possibility of waking from paradise, this just might occur

So she happily runs, soars, and climbs until reality falls
Then she'll have to say farewell to the nature's calls
And when she awakes from her place of which she greatly goes to
She'll miss the gifts of which she held that others hold so few.

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