An Elf Becomes A Wizard - Part 4

Anais went to find her Kewina, her kitten. Kewina was 5 months and very curious. As are most his age. He is all white. Anais found Kewina with Professor Quirrell.
She laughed, "It looks like you've found a new friend Professor."
Quirrell looked up. "H-h-hello." He gave her one of his twitchy smiles. "I n-never got a c-c-chance to thank you for s-saving me from the c-creature." Quirrell looked down at the floor, his face growing red.
Anais bent down and gave Quirrell a hug. "You need not have said anything."
Quirrells face grew even redder. "L-L-Lucius wanted t-to speak with you about s-s-something."
Anais left Quirrell with Kewina and went to find Draco's father. He was sitting on a bench looking out to the lake.
"Hello Mr. Malfoy. Professor Quirrell said you wish to speak with me."
Lucius nodded, "Yes, I do. Anais you have become pretty good friends with Draco and I must ask why you spend so much time with him?"
Anais was quite shocked by his question. "He is my friend." Draco's father gave her a sort of cold smile. "But he is not of your kind."
Anais became very nervous, "I must go. Legolas is waiting for me."
The following day they prepared for Anais's leaving. There was a grand dinner held in her honor. The morning finally came when they would depart from Middle Earth. They did their farewell gathering the night before so there was little to do. Arwen and Celeborn walked with them to the port key.
Good-bye my sister. Till our next meeting." Arwen kissed her sister on the forehead.
"Good-bye Arwen." Anais turned to Celeborn.
"De la tamin ata mani afar ka lle lata i- korma." -Do not forget what I told you about the ring- "I will miss you terribly Elenrie." Celeborn held her not wanting to let go of his beloved grand-daughter.
"Don't worry. I'll be back next summer. Namaarie Grand-Father." Anais kissed Celeborn.
Anais held onto the port key still looking at her sister and grand-father. The port key began to spin faster and faster until she could no longer see Arwen or Celeborn. Instead she found herself standing in the middle of a busy street. They were in Diagon Alley.
"I am afraid this is where Draco and I must leave you all for now," said Lucius. They said good-bye and to Lucius and Draco.
Anais carried Kewina through Diagon Alley. There were people everywhere. Anais swore at one point she saw a giant (though still not as big a the cave trolls in Middle Earth.)
"Happy to be back?" asked McGonagall.
Anais nodded, "Yes, its wonderful to be back and not having to rush. So where are we going anyway?"
"To Hogwarts." answered McGonagall. On the way to Hogwarts McGonagall explained that two days before school started Anais would go and stay with the Malfoys. So that she could enter Hogwarts traditionally with the other first years. Until that time Anais would stay at Hogwarts helping in anyway for the arrival of the students. She was a great deal of help to them, knowing so much magic.
One day before she was to be going to stay with the Malfoys, Draco, and Lucius arrived. Draco went to find Anais and found her returning to the castle from one of the Herbology greenhouses. "Hello Anais," said Draco.
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