An Elf's Precious Finding - Chapter four

Legolas and Gimli were to ventured off into the Gardens of Lorien at two days' sunrise. That is where is where Gimli is to spend the rest of his life in peace and beautiful lands. That day, Legolas and Gimli had the time of their lives, they went around, greeting new-comers and making new friends. They were elves, Lady Elenedhelwen (star elfin maiden), Lady Lothlindriel (flower/beautiful maiden of music), Legolin (Green-elfin music/singer), and Elenlosmenel (Elf of snow-heavens). Elendhelwen and Elenlosmenel were siblings, ans Lothlindriel and Legolin were siblings.

Elenedhelwen younger of the two was as fair as Uruviel though she shined brighter and more elegant than those of the stars. Her hair was silver-yellow and her dress was white and she, too wore a pendant around her neck as did Uruviel. Lothlindriel younger of the two was just as fair as the two, her hair was silver-white, and she wore a light pink gown of silks, she also had the pendant. Legolin, brother of Lothlindriel was tall and noble, he looked similar to Legolas and he was much older than Legolas. Elenlosmenel, brother of Elenedhelwen was as handsome though younger than Legolas. As the elves and the dwarf were congregating, and getting to know each other, Uruviel walked into ring of elves and the dwarf. She glowed in the sunlight as she approached the throng. She was greeted and she was welcomed as ever, she then got to know the elves, and she also decided to join with them to the Pastures. Gimli looking up at the elves, was happier than ever, he had friends, many of them, who were elves. They got along fine.

When night fell, the throng finally set off to stay in a cabin-like chamber, familiar to the elves, yet foreign to Gimli. The chamber had no doors and was bright in the morning and elegant in the evening. There were seven rooms, one for each elf and one for the dwarf. In these rooms were high ceilings of fine ivory and delicately crafted patterns. The beds were long and soft; of feathers and cotton the elves slept on with elven-material were the blankets, and of harder cushion for the dwarf because it was too soft, and he often sank in his bed. They were to stay two nights and they'd be off. Legolas admired his bed so much because it had been a while since he got to sleep on something so soft and comfortable, he didn't sink in, none of the elves did, for they were lite weight.

The elves barely ate, but Gimli was hungry, hungry as ever! So he sat and ate a feast as the elves ate elvish way-bread which they got a quarter of, and a goblet of water, the purest of all waters. In the time period, the elves made clothing fit for travel over their evening/day clothing, a day they spent doing that. The next day, they prepared bows and made arrows. Each making them a different way, in the way of their people. They were fine archers, but not as fine as Legolas and Elenlosmenel. The others were about two-notches below. Gimli slept most of the time, it also had been a while since he had any proper rest. When the elves were done with their businesses, they settled down and surveyed the route they were to take. The elves took out an old map.

"We will go south-west to Avarthar, through Hyarmentir, and north through the Woods of Orome and North west to the Gardens of Lorien." says Lothlindriel.

"That seems most safe and better than going over the Pelori mountains" responds Uruviel.

"But that would take us through the Woods of Orome," Legolas countered. "there are more than trees in the woods." Legolas finished.

"We can pass through the southern half of the southern parts of the Pelori mountains, there is a gap in the woods which we can pass through" Legolin pointed out.

"That sounds goods" agreed Elenlosmenel. All the elves agreed.

"Great, we leave at sunrise, get some rest." said Legolas.

And the elf placed the map in his belt. The elves packed elfish way-bread in a pouch that was tied on their belts along with their daggers and swords. And they folded a cloak which they were to wear as they went out. Legolas and Gimli had the cloak of Lothlorien, Uruviel wore a cloak of the Grey Havens. Elenedhelwen and Elenlosmenel wore cloaks of the wood elves. Legolin and Lothlindriel wore cloaks of Rivendell. They were prepared as the dwarf slept soundlessly in his warm room and bed. The elves finally returned to rest and waited till time reached morning.

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