Alliea Swords - Attack of the giggles

Suddenly from out of nowhere the whinnies of three horses rose upon the wind. I knew them well they where Peanut, Elanor and Marna. they where my friends horses. As they came over the distant ridge the Fellowship stood up weapons in hand. "Wait lower your weapons!" I called worriedly "There friend not foe! There my friends to be exact." They all spun round to look at me as if I was mad or something .Mind you I had only joined them a few minutes ago. The three horses where only a few meters away now and I was sure they where my friends.
"Step away from her!" Ashleigh shouted in the most menacing voice she could muster as she dismounted Marna the one Sauron himself would be afraid of .The fellowship backed away from me as this happened. "Your in a state now aren't you Becky, riding of without us .And now we find you here!" she exclaimed. By now the other two had dismounted and joined us. I let out a loud sigh and rolled my eyes. This was going to be a long day.
"Don't be so worried .I'm here aren't I? Don't be such a flob."I questioned .which sent the other two into a fit of giggles .which consequently made me and Ashleigh.

The fellowship had recovered from Ashleigh's little appearance and had approached. "Get up of the floor! You're acting like a pack of six year olds and your eight years older than that."I shouted in mock frustration, ill disguising my own mirth. They lifted themselves of the floor still laughing trying to retain some dignity, as I glared at them. Legolas took one look at us all giggling our heads off and grinned "Is there a jest I have missed. He then burst into laughter as we tried in vain to explain through our laughter Finnaly our laughter stopped I explained."Had I known a simple word would have a reaction like that I wouldn't have said it !"I gave the best grin I could while I flicked my hair back out of my eyes, with my good arm.Gimli and the hobbits grinned as Bethang and the other Ashliegh dusted their jeans of.Then tried tolook as if nothing had happened between us.
"Gimli ,Aragorn,Legolas,Merry ,Pippin,Frodo,Boromir,Sam and Gandalf this is Ashliegh ashliegh and Bethany. My best friends and their horses Elanor, Peanut and Marna."I explained. With a wide grin on my face because the pain in my shoulder and arm had momentarily gone . Slowly Aragorn walked up and finished strapping my arm.

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