After - Chapter 6

If you wanted to know: Larien is about 16. Ereinion is about 19 or 20. Eamane is about 17. Eldarion is about 19. And may I introduce: Eowiweth, she is 16!


As Eldarion and this stranger rode off to Rohan he couldn't help but ask questions.
"So, what is your name?" He asked.
"I didn't intoroduce myself. I'm Eowiweth. My brothers name is Ereinion. He is the eldest. Then my sister Eamane. Then me. We did have a younger sister but she was...Well I don't know what exactly happened."
Eldarion waited to see if she was finished.
"So what happened to your parents?"
"Oh, They were- They...They were killed." She said quickly.
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be."
Larien settled at the table next to Eamane.
"So, King Eomer, Where is your son?"
"He is in Gondor with the Riders of Rohan. Helping fight with King Aragorn."
Larien sat there with a crazied look on her face. After all the things that were happening. They still didn't know what was happening.
"Well that was a wonderful meal!" Ereinion said.
Larien noticed the look he gave her when he caught her eye.
"Yes, that was very good." She said.
"I wonder why Faramir and Eowyn didn't come to eat." Eamane said.
"Larien, would you care to go for a walk?" Ereinion said.
"Sure, I would love to."
As they walked out, Faramir and Eowyn walked in.
"Who is that with Ereinion?" Faramir said.
"Its Larien, from Mirkwood. His new girlfriend." Eamane said before anyone could talk.
"Thats funny, the only Larien I know is King Aragorns Daughter."
"So is your sister married?" Eowiweth asked.
"No. But my parents want her to get married. To an elf. My mom doesn't want her to keep the tradition up." Eldarion said.
"Oh, well, my brother is supposedly going to get married to a elf. He says they are the pretty ones and that Rohan ladies are ugly."
"Well, you're not ugly" Eldarion said.

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