After - Chapter 4

Larien walked into the Golden Hall and looked around.

"Wow!" she said aloud.

"King Eomer, may I intoduce you to..." Ereinion looked at her.

"I don't think I found out your name,"

"Larien," She said quietly.

"Lady Larien from Mirkwood." Ereinion said.

"Hello Larien," King Eomer said, "Adrardocia, prepare a room, Faramir and Eowyn are coming to visit."

"Faramir!" Larien said quickly.

"Do you know him?" Ereinion said suddenly.

"No, I have just heard a lot about him." She said.

"Come, you must meet my sister, Eamane." Ereinion said.

They walked down the hall and went into a room where it was very light.

"Eamane, I have someone for you to meet."

"What!" She said.

"Her name is Larien,"

"Larien, that is the name of King Aragorn's oldest daughter."

Larien gasped suddenly.

"No she is from Mirkwood, Eamane."

Eamane turned to face them, she had long blonde hair and blue eyes, she kind of looked like Eowyn. Only she wasn't related to her.

"Hello Larien." They turned to leave the room and walked outside.

"So how do you know the king?" Larien said.

"Oh," He paused.

"He's my cousin," Ereinion said suddenly.

"Oh really," She said and turned from him.

"Look, Faramir and Eowyn are here."

"Oh no," Larien said.


"I'm not feeling so well, maybe I should lie down."

"But don't you want something to eat?"

"No, Not right now. I'm terribly sorry, I know you want me to meet your friends but..."

"If you really feel that sick."

"I do, send my appologies to the king."

She hurried out of the yard and went to a room.

"Oh, good, at least I won't have to see Faramir again. Last time I saw him, only bad things happened." She said and laid down on the bed.

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