After - Chapter 3

Arwen ran through the house. It was getting late and Larien still wasn't back at the house.
"Aragorn, Larien isn't home yet. I'm worried, something might have happened."
"I'll go out there and look for her, Dad," Eldarion said.
"Son, that's really nice of you, but..." His voice trailed off.
"But, you don't want we to get hurt huh,"
"Yes, you're right."
"Well, I'm going to look for my sister and there is nothing you can do to stop me." He took off runing towards the stables.
"You can't let him go," Arwen exclaimed.
"He's going, and you heard him, there's nothing we can do." He turned and walked away.
Larien and Ereinion rode toward Rohan.
"So where are you from?" He asked her.
"I'm from," She paused.
"What you can't remember?" He joked.
"No I'm from Mirkwood." She said.
"Oh, you are, so what brings you over here?"
"I'm visting some of my friends. Untill, that stranger took my horse."
"Oh, was she short, and had long red hair?"
"No, she was an elf."
"Oh then I have no idea who you are talking about."
"Who were you talking about?"
"My sister."
They rode in silence.
"So what are you're friends that you are visiting?"
"King Aragorn and Queen Arwen. My father and him have known each other a long time."
"Oh, really."
Thay kept going. She looked around and saw beautiful mountains in the distance. The houses of the people of Rohan. Rohan!
"We're here!" She cried out suddenly.
"Yes, come you will be treated like a princess tonight.!"
They walked into the castle of the King of Rohan.
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