After - chapter 2

She kept going hoping that she would face danger and get to kill something. But she quickly remembered that there were no Orcs to kill. So she went towards Rivendell hoping she would get some sympathy from her two uncles.
"Excuse me, miss, could you help me?" A stranger said.
Larien stopped the horse and got off.
"What do you need?" She kindley asked.
"My husband is going after the king and I want to get away. Could you give me a ride to Rivendell?"
"Sure, I was just going that way,"
The stranger jumped on the horse and rode off.
"Hey, that's my horse. Give it back please." Larien yelled.
"Okay I guess I don't have a horse."
She walked slowly down the rode.
"I don't understand it, where am I supposed to be going?" She yelled loudly.
"Well, I'm going to Rohan," Someone said.
Larien turned to face a man.
"Don't kill me." She said.
"Why would I do that?"
"I'm not sure,"
"Don't worry I'm not going to kill you. I'm Ereinion, I am going to Rohan, would you care for a ride?"
"Yes, Yes, I would."
Larien got on the horse. Things were looking up. She looked up at the sky as she and her new friend, rode to Rohan.
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