After - ch. 7

As Larien and Ereinion walked outside they began to talk.
"How do you like your stay?" He asked.
"Its very nice."
"There is something i need to say," Ereinion replied.
He turned to look at her.
"When I stopped to help you I half expected to fall in love with you."
Larien stared, "Fall in love with me!"
"Yes, I just can't help but..." He leaned in and kissed her.
"Announcing the arrival of Prince Eldarion and Lady Eowiweth."
"Great Eowiweth is back." Eamane said.
The doors opened and in they came.
"Eamane!" Eowiweth exclaimed and hugged her.
"Gross get off of me!" Eamane said.
"Where's Ereinion?" Eowiweth asked.
"I don't know!"
"Whats going on in there?" Larien asked as she pulled out of the kiss.
"I have no idea, lets find out." Ereinion said.
They made there way into the hall.
"Larien! what are you doing here?" Eldarion asked.
"I got side tracked on the way to whatever I was doing!"
"Um, you were...never mind"
"You two know each other!" Eamane said.
"She's my sister!" Eldarion said.
"I am Princess Larien of Gondor." Larien said quietly.
"Stop right there!" An unknown voice said.
"Dad!" Larien said.
"Aragorn!" Faramir said.
They embraced each other.
"Young lady what have you been doing here?" Aragorn asked.
Larien looked at Ereinion.
"Falling in love." She said.
"Oh brother!" Eamane said.
"That is so cute!" Eowiweth said.
"Larien come, lets talk." Arwen said as she entered the room.
They went in the nearest room.
"Larien, now when I was your age I fell in love with your father. And my father hated it!"
"Grandpa Elrond!!! no way."
"Yes way, And I went on and married your father. But I had to face the realities of being mortal. I couldn't live forever like you can, I just want you to go with your heart that's all." Arwen said.
"Oh mom!" Larien said and hugged her.

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