A Very Strange Experience - To Rivendell,where elves yet dwell.

Caleb was no less shocked than Gimli. If he handn't been a fairly quiet boy he probly would have been inclined to hit the poor, startled dwarf with his rather heavy pack.
"Who am I? I could ask you the same question!"
"The stranger should give his name first!"
"Right, your a stranger to me, so what's your name?"
" Don't be impertinent, boy, give me your name or you shall feel the blade of my ax."
"I'd rather not it looks sharp I might cut my hand."
"Haha very funny, GIVE ME YOUR NAME!"
"I can't, I need it. It's the way people yell for me."
At this Gimli drew his ax. Caleb seeing the dwarf was in no mood for a joke, said, after a moments thought-
" Well if you feel that way about it you can call me um, Alcarin."
The dwarf put the ax back in his belt, "All right, lad you may call me Gimli,and I am on my way to Rivendell with my father,"
"Gloin," Caleb interupted.
At this Caleb got a rather surprised look.
"Why, yes that is his name, how did you know?"
"Oh, I never give away my source of information."
"You know, Alcarin, I think I'm going to like you."

Colleen meanwhile had landed in the middle of a rather dreary looking land scape with absolutly no signs of life, that she could see.
She proply began to yell for her brother, " Hey, caleb! CALEB! CAAALE-"
Her shouts were abrubtly cut off by a rather large hand, clamped firmly over her mouth. A voice whispered in her ear,
" Be silent if you do not wish them to hear you."
"The Nazgul."
"Yes, be quiet!"
"What is this, Middle Earth?"
"Yes, where did you think it was?"
"My back yard." she mumbled.
"And since when is Weather Top in your back yard?"
"Hmm, good question I was just trying to figure that out myself."
For the first time she turned around to get a better look at the person she was talking to. What she saw was an old man in a battered pointy hat, busy eyebrows,with a pair of keen grey eyes, a very long beard that fell down the fornt of weather stained grey robes and a pair of rather large black boots.
He had to be Gandalf, for some reason there was no doubt in her mind about that.
"So whats your name?"Colleen asked. Unsure of how to start a conversation with a wizard.
"I am Gandalf, though I belive you should introduce yourself first."
"Oh, and why is that?"
"Because the stranger should introduce himself first.'
"I was under the impression that that was only when you were the strnger in anothers land, but you can call me Colleen."
Gandalf smiled. " You are correct, it is so."
"So whats all this about Nazgul?"
" The nine riders are abroad in the lands agin, so you must ride with me to Rivendell."
"Uh, my mother alway stold me never to go with strangers."
"And I suppose you would rather face the Nine?"
"When you put it that way, Right behind you sir!!"
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