A Very Strange Experience - prologue- A tunnel to Middle Earth,

Caleb was bored, that was all there was to it. He deeply regretted having gotten up at six that morning to finish his school work. Being home schooled he could do that. now he had a whole day empty and nothing to do with it.
He couldn't go outside since all his freinds went to ppublic school, and anyhow it was along established rule that no one was allowed outside during the week untill 3:30p.m.
He finally decided to reread The Hobbit. The only problem was he couldn't find it.
Going to the door of his older sister's room he yelled," Hey, Colleen have you seen The Hobbit?"
"No, go look under your bed, by the way what do want with it as I recall it happens to be MY book."
"Um I just borrowed it to read-"
"And lost it!"
"All right, I'll go look for it"
"Be careful, I think we should call National Geographic to have a look under your bed, they might disover some new creature unknown to mankind."
"Haha, very funny."
Returning to his room he began to remoove the junk out from under his bed. He soon came across what appeared to be the remains of an ancient bowl of macaroni, six mumified apple cores, a bowl of very dusty jello, stale to the consistency of rubber, what was left of a model volkswagon, and a box of rock hard Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies.
Finally he found The Hobbit. It was pretty far back, If he had known what was waiting for him under that book, he might never have lifted it.
When he lifted the book, he saw something odd. Jumping up he ran to get a flashlight. Shining the light on the thig he soon relised it was a hole just big enough to let one person with a fairly large back pack down. He stuck his head down the tunnel as far as he could without falling and shone the flashlight down it.
He was never quite sure how he knew but he was certain he was looking on another world.
He jumped up shaking with exsitement and ran to his sisters room.
"Colleen,Colleen, you'll never believe what I just found!!!
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