A River of Tears - Gaining Trust

Part 1
Gaining Trust
"Mother may I please go to the meadow by myself today?" Ten year old Eliona looked pleadingly at her Mother, Araya, for she had never been allowed out of the house alone.
"Well, I don't know. You're still young and these lands are becoming more dangerous each year." Eliona stuck out her bottom lip, trying to suppress the rage that was building up inside of her. A plan came into her mind. Araya looked down at her daughter and saw Eliona's eyes looking back at her, wide and pleadingly. There were even tears welling up. Araya took sympathy on Eliona and finally said,"All right, dear. But you must be back home before dark. Goodness knows what might happen to you if you're out at night."
Her face shining brightly, Eliona yelled,"Thank you, mother! I won't let you down!" As she dashed out the door to get her horse ready, Araya stared after her. Sighing, she turned away and returned to her cooking.
Eliona bounded up to her mare, Sheya, and patted her on the head. "Guess what, Sheya? We're going to the meadow alone today! Isn't that wonderful? Now we can gallop and jump and pick flowers and...." She kept on talking as she saddled up Sheya. The horses ears were perked up, as though she were intently listening to what Eliona had to say. Finally, Eliona hopped onto Sheya and with a flick of the reins, left her home.
Araya watched from the doorway as her daughter galloped away, face shining brightly and giggles streaming from her mouth. A hand appeared on Araya's shoulder. "Come back in Araya. You're only hurting yourself." Turning, she saw her husband looking down at her.
"Yes, all right. I shall, soon." A small, glistening tear streamed down Araya's cheek as she turned to go back into the house.
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