a promise from the hearth - chapter 7

Navallah looked in the mirror , feeling victorious. Thank the Valar her brother had stopped banging the door of his closet , she tought she had gone mad!
Well it was his own fault anyway , it was none of his *** bussines in the first place. She gave a litle spin and looked at herself once more . There was nothing, that was going to stop her from marying Eldarion...

Maywen stood next to Eleonor , on the front row , waiting for the bride and groom to arrive .

"You know " Eleonor whispered to Maywen sadly " I never thought he would let it come this far . "

" I did " Maywen answerd . She didn't feel like talking now . In a few minutes Eldarion would be coming . And if he would saw her , then she wanted her intire face , body, her attitude , her eyes , everything , to scream at him in silent words : you broke my heart but you won't get me down . Not me Not now . Not ever .

It seemed that al Midlle Earth was invited . The queen and king of rohan , prince Faramir and princes Eowyn from Ithilien , A dwarf named Gimli who had brought a very hansom elf named Legolas and others who's name she didn't knew.

Somebody annouced " his majesty Eldarion , son of Elassar , prince of gondor. "

She saw him , wanted to look him straight in the eyes , but got afraid of what she saw . Eldarion looked like he hadn't slept in days , but his eyes were more determent then ever .It seemed that his eyes were the only thing alive about him. Then someone announced Navallah , but Maywen didn't take her eyes from Eldarion. She didn't notice Navallah until she stood next to Eldarion and the cermony begun. It lasted about an hour , until the king ( who was marrying them ) aked the important questions.

" Do you , Navallah , sister-daughter of the queen of Rohan , promise to love and be faithfull to Eldarion , Until death do parts you?"

" I do " Navallah had the smile of a winner .

" Do you , Eldarion, crown prinse of Gondor , promise to love and be faithfull to Navallah , Until death do parts you?"

" I do not " Eldarion said with a clear , firm voice.

A shock went to the crowd , and Eleonor could hear Maywen grasp for breath . Navallah still had a smile on her face , but this time it was a fainting smile , full of disbelief.

" what ? " she said .

" I'm sorry for that night in Rohan , that was my fault , I was drunk and had no idee of what I was doing . If I was sober , I never would of done what I did but I did , and there is no changing that . But saying I will love you all my life , is too big of a lie . There is only one woman , I have ever loved , I love and will ever love and that woman is Maywen ." He looked at her . " She's the only woman I want for the mother of my children . I do not know rather she will have me or not , but I swear to her that I will tell her the truth , and never lie or keep a secret from her in my entire lifetime. "

Maywen didn't know what to do . Eleonor was jumping up and down next to her , king Elassar looked like somebody had announced that he was no longer king , queen Arwen was smiling one of her biggest smiles and Navallah looked so angry that she couldn't speak .

Then she looked at Eldarion who was looking at her , very uncurtain and at last she laughed to him .

Navallah finally realized what happend , stormed to Maywen , raised her fist, stood there for a few seconds and before collapsing.

Maywen could just caught her underneath her arms before she would hit the ground. Elfwine quickly came forward and took Navallah in his arms to take her to her room . Elassar, Arwen, Eomer and his queen followed them . And then , like she was stung by a bee , Eowyn got up and followed them too . The crowd was now looking at Maywen and Eldarion , some were thinking this was all just a big joke , others didn't understand a thing of it .

"C'mon " Eldarion murmelled , taking Maywens hand and dragging her away from the wedding. " We need to talk . "

It took them all day to figure things out . Maywen had shouted at him , kissed him and then shouted some more . He had apologizied a thousand times , trying to explain how drunk he really was . How much he had missed her . How much he loved her . When the sun had risen to it's highest point ,they both knew that the loved eachother . Maywen had forgived him , sort of . She was really angry at Navallah though and wanted to tell her what she tought of her . But they didn't return to the palace until the night was beginning to fall . They had nearly 5 years to catch up to .

When they did return to the palace , the first person they'd met was King Elassar . He looked very pale , and told them to come with him to his chambers , he wanted a word. Maywen and Eldarion looked at eachother . Were they in trouble?

" Congragulations my son " Elassar was sitting in a chair , smoking a pipe ." You've listened to your hearth and made the right choice . " He sighed . " poor Navallah. "

Maywen and Eldarion looked confused.

Ellasar sighed again. The words that came out of Navallah's mount were not those of Navallah . It were those of Saruman and Grima , an evil that lady Eowyn has sufferd too. I've cured her , but the things she did are unbelieveable . She locked her brother in her closet because he knew the truth . And in the contrary to what you might think , you did not sleep with her . I've burned the book anyway . "

Maywen and Eldarion looked again at eachother , not really understanding it , but it all didn't seem to matter . They now had eachother.

" As for you two- " Ellasar started speaking again " What are you planning to do ? "

"Father" Eldarion said ,softly smiling " May I present you my fiancee? "

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