a promise from the hearth - chapter 5 ( actually chapter four but I messed them up )

Maywen had never felt worse in her life .Lady Navallah had continued to make sharp remarks about her, even in Eldarions precense . So far , she had said nothing back and left ' the black witch ' ( her nickname by Eleonor ) to herself , and ignored her. She did this more for herself then anything else , because she knew if she would respond , it would be with her fist and not with her words .
She saw Eldarion every morning and her conversation with him , was not more than ' goodmorning mylord ' and a goodmorning back . He always tried to caught her eye , but she just looked at the ground. It hurted more then when she had to miss him for four years . At least , then she had the illusion that he had been hers . But now she knew it was Navallah who was his. And yet , the things he had said in the garden ... perhaps he did love her , and perhaps he did had a good reason. But it didn't matter , she kept saying to herself . Love or not , she was going to be better of when she just forgot about him .

Eleonor had been a great friend through this intere period .She had listend to Maywen whenever she wanted to talk , did her utter best to humilate Navallah as much as she could , and frequently had a fight with Eldarion about his choice in marriage ." By the valar " she once shouted at him "things wouldn't have been half as bad if you had at least brouht someone who has got brains , instead of breast . " "Eleonor - Eldarion always repeated the same answer-" it is my choice and you should respect that, just like Maywen does " After that , Eleonor useally screamed of frustation and left the room .
After a while , Maywen had asked Eleonor to stop doing that . She realized that it was no use . But once in a while , when she got bored , you could still hear Eleonor shout at Eldarion.

Autumn changed in winter , and for all that time Maywen grieved for Eldarion . But then flowers started to grow and slowly , with the lenging of the days, Maywen got over Eldarion or at least , she tought she was . The wedding was set 10 days after midsummer and the guest started showing up a month before midsummer . One guest arrived 2 months before it and rumour had it he would stay for quite a while....

When Maywen first saw Dorian she was highly impressed , as were al the avallaible women in Minas Tirith . Tall , with dark hair and eyes and a slight hint of a beard . He almost looked royal , and you could really see he was Navallah's brother . And for that reason she didn't talk to him for the first week he was in the palace. She was at the practice field , with Eleonor looking at the princes of rohan , especially at the one Eleonor had set her eye on , Elfwine .
After a while Elfwine noticed them too and invited them for a walk . Maywen quickly denied , saying that she would rather watch the men practise then take a walk , but Eleonor happely accepted . They had been away for a while and Maywen was planning of going to her room when she noticed Dorian staring at her. Irritated , because she was sure he was staring at her because of what his sister must of told him , she snapped at him ; " keep staring , I might just do a little trick ."

" I'm sorry mylady " he answered , ashamed because he saw her staring . " it's just that you don't see that much beauty often. "

Maywen was sure he was joking her , so she quickly went away , stared after by Dorian . When Eleonor got back in the palace , Maywen wanted to say how rude Navallah's brother was , but Eleonors walk had turned out to be a very interesting one and Maywen forgot about him for a few days .

A few days later , they were standing once more on the practise field watching elfwine practise. This time, it took him less then 3 minutes to spot Maywen and Eleonor and in 5 minutes time , he and Eleonor where out of sight . Maywen couldn't help it smile while she watched them leave. She looked back towards where Elfwine had been practising and didn't like what she saw. Dorian was practising his sword , and he seemed to be pretty good at it . Maywen looked at him ,trying to remember his moves . She wanted to take sword lessons herself , but that was not done by a lady . So she watched the men practise , rememberd the moves and tried them herself in her room with a brush instead of a sword . She tought it might be handy , considering prince charming wasn't always around to save lady's in need . All of the sudden , Dorian noticed her and started walking towards her with a grin on his face .

Maywen paniced . She really didn't feel like another round of calling names , but she did brace herself .

"Well hello " Dorian said , with a very large smile on his face " now who's staring at who ? "

"I can assure you , I was not staring mylord " Maywen said cold " I was merely looking at your swordplay . but I geuss that am not worthy of doing that , after what your sister must of told you . "

Dorian really looked suprised . " Listen " he said a bit uncertain " I certainly do not know what my sister has got to do with it , but I do know I think you are really beautiful and I would like to discover if you are as wonderfull as you seem to be ."

Maywen dropped the attitude and couldn't help ( she hated herself for it ) blush . " Oh well " she said , considering that this was a great way to get back with Navallah and the fact that he was really hansom " I suppose I have time for a litle walk . "

'A little walk ' turned out to be one of 4 hours , and the only reason they got back was because it was time for dinner . He walked her until the stairs
and said to her : " I was right you know "

Maywen looked at him , not understanding

" you are as wonderfull as I thought ..." He smiled at her and she smiled back when a voice sounded : "DORIAN"

They both looked up and saw Navallah standing on the stairs , her face red with anger .She stormed down , gave a glare at Maywen and pulled Dorian away from her. Maywen saw that Dorian was looking back and she smiled at him . How long was he going to think she was wonderfull after his sister was through with him?
Maywen couldn't help it , but she thought of a sunny afternoon , now almost six years ago ." You can't catch me " she yelled at Eldarion who was running behind her . "Oh yes I can" he yelled back . He spurted and 2 minutes later he had caught her by her waist and pulled her down to the ground to stop her from running . he landed on top of her . " congratulations " she laughed " now you've won a prize , what prize do you want mylord? "
" A kiss " he answered seriously and kissed her on the cheeck . Maywen first looked suprised , but then started laughing again . " that's not a kiss " she smiled . " Eldarion looked at her and she kissed him on his mounth . "you're wonderfull "he laughed ...

Maywen banned the memory out of her head and tried to find Eleonor , to talk about Elfwine and Dorian .


While Maywen and Eleonor were gossiping about Elfwine and Dorian , Navallah and Dorian were discussing Maywen . Once he and Navallah were at her room Navallah begun hissing at Dorian how stupid he was to involve himself with a servant girl . Dorian got more suprised by every word she said until he interrupted her , because he couldn't hear it no more .

" What has gotten in to you ? " he asked " you never cared about rang or stand before . And why don't you like her anyway ? She's a sweet girl , not to mention beautiful . "

" Don't forget you're speaking with the next high queen of gondor ! That's something else then that filthy Edoras." She said as if she was talking to a dog.

" Well I don't care if you were a Vala , you're still my sister . And what the heck do you mean by 'filthy Edoras'? We owe a lot to king Eomer and our aunt , they have given us the most beautiful rooms in their palace and raised us like their own . You should be gratefull ." Dorian didn't understand his sister .

She sighed and then walked towards her bed and took a book from under it while saying : " This is what made me change my mind , its a book written before Eomer became king , and says the thruth about the house of Eorl . The writer was a men named grima . This made convinced me to do what I did .Don't you see? My marriage with Eldorian is the only thing that will get us higher then them .

"then who ? And what did you do ?"Dorian was now getting scared of his sister.

"Then..then ..them . the common people. And as for what I did ... you didn't really think that Eldarion is going to marry me for love , now do you? Oh no , if he would marry for love then it would be that beautiful servant girl who would be standing before the altar and not me . I had to be a bit more smarter." She chuckled " That fool missed her so much when he got in Rohan that it was a wonder he didn't take his horse and headed back to Gondor . He was so glad the night, the feast for his return to gondor, that he drunk a little bit more wine then was good for him . I escorted him to my room and took of his clothes after which he fell a sleep like a rock . The next morning I got up really early and announced our engagement . He woke up without any clothes in my bed . He doesn't know better then that we spend the night together . The fool " she said " he now feels incredibly guilty about it and doesn't dare to say that he doesn't love me . He feels he should take responsibility . "

Dorian backed of and stared at her in disbelief " Wat has happpend to you ?"He asked . " I can't let this happen . I am going to tell the king about this . "

By all means do so " she said very calm " but then you will never have that beautiful servant girl ."

Dorian hesitated . Navallah knew she had won .


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