a promise from the heart - chapter one

Maywen walked down the corridor of the palace , on her way to prinses eleonors chambers. Around her neck hung a pendant, a gift from prince Eldarion. But it wasn't the pendant that had made her happy on that misty day ,now four years ago. It was the note . wait for me And she had promised him, she would with all her heart. She knew he couldn't of heard her but somehow she hoped that the wind had carried her words to him. She found it difficult to wait for him. Not that she was alone. She had lots of friends and, if possible, even more admirers. And neither had she found another love. It was just that she missed him so much it hurts.

Maywen smiled.He was going to get quite a shock when he got back .She was no longer a girl nor was she a mere kitchen maid. She was one of queen arwens ladies and prinses eleonors first lady and her best friend.Her smiled grew bigger when she tought of how she and the prinses had first met.

It had been a few weeks since eldarion had gone away and maywen was lonely . She had been wondering through the palace feeling horribly sorry for herself when all of the sudden , a girl had runned around the corner and tripped ,taking marywen with her on her little trip to the ground. "In the name of-" Maywen begun, but the girl put her hand on her mouth. "Shut up" the girl said.For a few minutes both of them listened intens although maywen didn't know for what .
Then she heard footsteps and a men's voice saying 'she's not here , let's look elswhere' .They waited until the footsteps had fade away and then they got up. "Who are you? " they both asked at the same time. They stared at each other for a second and then they both started to laugh.
"Maywen" maywen said. "Eleonor" the prinses of gondor said.

Maywen knocked on Eleonors door. She looked suprised when the door bursted open , but even more suprised when Eleonor shouted at her: "Where were you , the messenger has come, Eldarion arrives within the hour , together with the princes of rohan!"

"W-what?" maywen could only whisper .

"Oh for heavens sake, don't just stand there. He's back! Come, you must stand next to me when he arrives. He'll have quite a shock when he sees his future wife standing next to his sister." Eleonor grabbed her friends hand and dragged her to the courtyard.

Maywen could hardly breethe.this is it she tought . This is wath Ive been waiting for

"Look" her friend said .

Maywen saw the banners of white and green.She saw the compangnie of riders entering the city . She saw Eldarion, no longer a boy but a man , the man she loved. She saw him climbe the steps of the palace but she didn't notice the lady coming with him. She heard him be welcomed back by his parents. And then she saw him take the lady's hand and heard him say "Mother, Father may I present you my fiancee'

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