A New Shadow - Chapter - dear lord..... i dont know! The Next one!

Disclaimer - First of all, I dont own the characters; Tolkien does. Second, the story isnt mine; its a friends! She gets all the credit! ENJOY!

A/N - Ok, so im not the author, but anyhoo! For all readers of: Racing for Rohan, Beyond the Mists, Grey Eyed Elven Twins and Brego; A Horses Tail, I know its been a long time, but more should appear over the next couple of weeks with any luck! Sorry to have kept you waiting - rather usy at the moment!


Tathiel saw it all, and as she watched her brother's eyes shut she felt helpless. Her wrist was shackled to the wall. Things were passing as a blur, all she could concentrate on was Legolas, how to wake him up, how to get him out... how to save his life.

"Wake up!" she called, but he obviously couldn't hear her. Saurar, being more of a shadow than a person, held his sword above her brother with a misty hand, poised to strike. It was then, when all hope had faded and Tathiel was screaming for help from someone, anyone, before it was too late, that a human-like shape burst through the door. In his hand was held a flaming torch, and he seemed to radiate a royal light.

"Aragorn!" thought Tathiel. He'd grabbed his chance when some of the goblins were retreating to follow his friend up the stone stairs. He'd found the torch on his way up, and reached the doors just as they slammed shut, but now he was here, to help, to rescue, to finally play his part. The brightness from the King seemed uncomfortable to Saurar, he hissed, dropped his sword, and slinked away into the darkness before anyone could catch him. The shackle around her wrist vanished into smoke, and she ran over to Legolas. He wasn't moving at all, blood was flowing from an ugly cut on his head, and for a heart-stopping second, she feared the worst...


Tathiel was shaking. She'd thought that he was dead. There was blood on her clothes from where she'd tried to wake him up, but nothing she had done worked. Gimli had found a passage, and now she was sitting outside in the sunlight, though it was fading fast, and although the breeze blew her golden hair gently, falling blossoms stroked her tear-stained cheeks like delicate velvet, and the birds twittered sweet songs of joy, she found herself realizing that if Legolas were to die, she'd have naught but fond memories of distant years to remind her of their happiness.

"But," she thought to herself, "Even memories fade and wither, until they are beyond recall." And she knew that even if she'd have memories, for however long they would last, they could never compare to him actually being there, his cheeky grin that always made her smile as well, that sense of fun and adventure that he had, the way he was always there for her.

"Always there..." she repeated in her mind. "Even when I was in danger, he was there, and now look where it's got him!" She felt a fresh wave of tears well up in her eyes. "It'll be my entire fault if he's not there anymore..." And the salty droplets rolled down her cheeks, and splashed silently into the dirt, as the Princess of Mirkwood drowned slowly in her grief...


He could feel someone shaking his shoulder gently, and a far off voice was calling him; "Legolas? Legolas? Are you alright?" The voice was warm and friendly, and seemed to be getting closer. The scent of flowers filled the air. He opened his eyes slowly.

"Oh, what a relief!" said someone, though he couldn't be sure who it was. Everything was very blurred, and even though he blinked to try and clear it, it stayed that way.

"Don't move." said the voice again.

"All these words," he thought. "The voice is so familiar, but I just can't work out who it is..." He was thinking this as the voice gave him instructions.

"Legolas? Can you hear me? Whatever you do, don't squint..." it said. A thought struck Legolas, and he realized who it was.

"Aragorn! What-" but he was cut off by a blinding light shining in his eyes. He heard Aragorn again.

"That knock on your head's given you a nasty cut, but don't worry, you'll live. At least you don't have a concussion. Plenty of sleep should hopefully clear your head." The light went away, and his vision seemed to be a little better. He could see out of the corner of his eye dried blood, and then noticed that he was back in the cave area where the tunnel had lead to.

"What happened?" he asked, trying to sit up.

"No, just stay still" said Aragorn. "Don't move around a lot, I'll explain everything to you"...

"Saurar was going to kill you," said Aragorn. "You do realize that, don't you?" He had explained how he'd fought off the goblins, and was now describing what he'd seen when he'd entered those doors. "The light scared him away. I don't know why. It was a lucky thing I found that torch!" he smiled, but then his mood became serious again. "Tathiel was extremely shaken. She honestly thought that for a minute there you were dead."

Legolas was trying to take this all in, but his head was pounding unforgivingly. "Where is Tathiel?" he asked.

"She is outside, with Gimli. He found another passageway from outside, down a hidden flight of stairs. Much less dangerous," said Aragorn. "And drier too!" They laughed. Aragorn again returned to somberness. "They will both be glad that you've woken. She was so scared for you."

Legolas now felt a twinge of guilt. "Had she really been that worried about me?" he wondered, but another aching feeling in his head brought him back to reality.

"How do you feel now?" asked Aragorn. "If you're better, then we can finally leave this cruel place." Of course, to say that he was completely fine would have been an utter lie on Legolas' part; the constant throbbing made him slightly dizzy. But he wished whole-heartedly to get out and see Tathiel again.

"I feel much better now, thank you." he said, and Aragorn helped him up and they walked up the stairs towards the fresh sunlight...

So now, after so many tears, hugs, and emotions, the four went riding back to the palace; Aragorn and Gimli on the first horse, and Legolas and Tathiel on the other. However, as they were riding in the direction of the Thendhueil Caves, Tathiel noticed that Legolas seemed to be troubled about something.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Legolas turned a little on the horse to see her; it was easy enough as they rode without a saddle.

"Oh, I..." he said, and the look on his face showed that he was searching for a reasonable answer.

Tathiel saw this. "Does it hurt?" she asked. Legolas looked uncomfortable.

"No, no, not at all... just a little headache, that's all..." His voice trailed off.

"Then what's wrong?" Tathiel asked again.

"Something just doesn't seem right... there's something in the air..." he replied...

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