A New Kind of Evil 5 - The mission becomes clear

The girls sat up in bed and looked at each other. By the looks in their eyes they knew that they heard and saw the same thing. Quickly they ran to find their trainers, they should at least know what should be done about this strange vision. They found the trainers outside and did not care if they broke up the meeting.

"What is the meaning of this, we are trying to have a private council!" Sindaros said rudely.

"This goes beyond whatever it is you're talking about." Lori snapped. Sindaros was silent so he let them speak.

"I know where we have to go. We all just had this vision and," Julia took a deep breath. She knew that her next sentence meant that this was for real. "And we know where we have to go and what has been happening to Middle Earth."

The group was silent. They waited in anticipation to here the explanation but none came. Julia was too afraid. She did not want them to know, she did not want to leave and put her life on the line. As she turned from the group, Lizzie finished for her.

"The shadows are forms of demons of some sort. I'm not really sure but that would be my guess. Their leader is a wizard. They call him Lord Alcrog and he wants the palantiri and he wants the shadows to bring them to Isengard."

No one knew what to say. The news caught them off guard so much that they could not even look at each other. But then Aragorn spoke.

"We were just discussing what your fate was going to be. But now we can travel on a set path and go straight to Isengard. I will be there to protect you, and so will the rest of your trainers. We can go their together, do not sound so sad."

"If only if were that simple." Lori said. Aragorn looked at her with confusion. "Going to Isengard isn't as easy as you may think. Alcrog wants the palantiri and he will not stop. We have to find and destroy them, all of them. Also, Isengard is becoming like Mordor, a constant shadow. Or maybe both of those cities are where our trouble lies. There are a lot of things we're still shady on. But our mission is clear, we must find the palantiri."

"If that is your fate then we will follow you. We set out first light tomorrow." Aragorn stated.

"No! That's not soon enough. We have to leave tonight." Rachel said with urgency in her voice. They looked at her; she had never had an outburst like that before.

"Alright, but why the urgency?" Aragorn asked gently.

"They faster we leave, the less danger Rivendell is in."

"Then it is settled. We leave tonight." Aragorn announced. The company agreed. They adjourned their meeting and left to get ready to leave.

When the girls got to their room they found clothes laid out on their beds. The clothes were different shades of green and they had a gray cloak to go with them. When they were dressed they realized they did not like the skirt so they trimmed it in mini skirt fashion exposing the black boots that came just below their knees. Julia pulled her hair in two braids, Lizzie and Lori kept theirs down and surprisingly Rachel had hers in elf fashion, secured with a brooch she received from Althoron. They strapped their weapons on and gazed in the mirror.

"Well, we definitely look the part. Let's go save the world." After Julia's statement they went out of the room to join the others. They said their good byes to Galadriel and Elrond and then set out of Rivendell. It saddened them because they knew it would be different from that moment on. They knew that they were on the quest of a lifetime.

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