A New Fwllowship TT

<p>"I am sorry. You cannot go in so armed," a guard says.<br /> Everyone then set down their weapons, except for Mara.<br /> "I'm sorry, m'lady, you too"<br /> "My name is Mara, NOT m'lady!!'" she growled. "And would you let a lady go in a building, so vulnerable as to not be able to protect myself?"<br /> "Normally I would not, but this is the orders. I am sorry," the guard said.<br /> "Mara, listen to him. Now," Aragorn ordered her as she finally set down her weapons.<br /> "Go on in," the gaurd said opening the door.<br /> As Mara entered the room Grima punched her in the stomach. Earning himself a punch in the eye from Legolas.<br /> Soon a full-on fight was going on.<br /> Mara joined in on the fight. Soon she had Grima pinned against a pillar.<br /> "Where did you learn to fight like that m'lord?" he asked.<br /> "I am a woman!!!" was all Mara said to him, as she pushed him harder against the pillar.<br /> "I am sorry," Grima stated.<br /> "You are not sorry. I can see it in your eyes," Mara said never looking away from him.<br /> The only time Mara looked away was when Eowyn ran in. Grima took advantage of that lapse in concentration and stabbed in her side with his dagger.<br /> As she falls to the ground she lets go of Grima, who promptly tries to get away. But he gets caught by Gimli.<br /> "MARA!!!" Legolas calls as he runs up to her and picks her up. "Where are the healers?"<br /> "This way," a soldier told him leading him down a hallway.<br /> "Thank you," Legolas told him as he walked away. "Can you please help her? she got stabbed in the side."<br /> *******************************************************************************************<br /> "Aragorn? Brother? Where are you?" Mara called later when she woke up. When no one came she sighed and stood up. She got no futher than two steps before she collapsed out of pain.<br /> "Mara!! Man mathach?" Legolas asked running up to her.<br /> "Im harnannen!" Mara answered.<br /> "Sedho," Legolas said comforting her. "Ce ammaer ab lu thent."<br /> "But, the pain!!" she cried into his chest.<br /> "Aragorn! Tolo hi!" Legolas called out as Aragorn passed by the door.<br /> "Man an&iacute;rach cerin an le?" he asked walking in.<br /> "Please help her. She is in pain," Legolas asked.<br /> "Of course. Here, drink this," Aragorn ordered his siter giving her his pouch of water. "It has Athelas in it. That will help dull the pain."<br /> "Hannon le," Mara said after she drank some.<br /> "Glassen," Aragorn said getting up. "No ce ammaer ab lu thent."<br /> ****************************************************************************************<br /> "Where did you learn to fight like that m'lady?" Theoden asked Mara at dinner.<br /> "Please, sir, do not call me m'lady. Call me Mara. And I learned to fight that way from the Assastions, they are a group of Elves," Mara answered feeling awkward being the center of attention.<br /> "If it is a group of elves, how did you get in?" Eowyn asked.<br /> Mara then told everyone her story. Including the part about her mothers death.<br /> "So you and Lord Aragorn are orphans then?" Eowyn asked.<br /> "Yes, though I do not remember my father at all. He died before I was born," Mara answered. "The closest thing I have ever had to a father is Elrond. He is the Lord of Imladris, he helped raise both me and Aragorn. He treated us just as he treated his own sons and daughter."<br /> "It must have been wonderful baing raised by elves!" Eowyn said wistfully.<br /> "Not when you have a sister and a lover fighting over and about you all the time," Aragorn laughed.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> *********************************************************************************************<br /> Translations:<br /> <br /> Man mathach?--- How do you feel?<br /> <br /> Im harnannen!--- I'm wounded!<br /> <br /> Sedho--- Quiet<br /> <br /> Ce ammaer ab lu thent--- May you be better soon<br /> <br /> Tolo hi!--- Come now!<br /> <br /> Man an&iacute;rach cerin an le?---- What can I do for you?<br /> <br /> Hannon le--- Thank you<br /> <br /> Glassen--- My pleasure<br /> <br /> Ce ammaer ab lu thent--- May you be better soon</p>
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