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<p>"Aragorn?" Mara asks as he glares at her.<br /> "Yes, my dear sister?" he asks in reply.<br /> Legolas was smiling from his position next to Mara. He knew what Aragorn was about to say.<br /> "What have I done wrong? Why are you glaring at me?" Mara asks.<br /> "Why, you did nothing wrong. LITTLE sister," he smirked and tried to block the blow he knew was coming. <br /> But it was to late. She had already hit him.<br /> "I ask again, how ca you hit so hard?" Aragorn asks rubbing the back of his head.<br /> "I have had training. Were you not here when I explained it the to Theoden?" Mara says.<br /> Everyone then starts to laugh.<br /> "I am sorry to have to end this merrymaking, but we must get Helm's Deep. Immediately.<br /> *****************************************************************************<br /> On the way to Helm's deep Mara Walked along with Legolas as he scouted out the path ahead of the rest.<br /> "Legolas, I am going to go speak with Aragorn. Okay?" Mara says so that he wouldn't worry.<br /> "Of course, meleth nin," Legolas smiles as she starts to walk away.<br /> "Please stop talking like Mr. Do Whatever I Say!" Mara calls running up to Aragorn.<br /> "Who is Mr. Do Whatever I Say?" Aragorn asks as Mara reaches him and he passes her Arod's reigns.<br /> "You are," she replies wearing her signature Ranger smirk.<br /> "You two look like twins when you do that," Gimli comments.<br /> "Do not say that horrible insult," Mara orders Gimli.<br /> "They do not like eachother do they?" Eowyn asks Gimli.<br /> "Nay, they care more about each other than they do about anything else. They just don't act like it," Gimli states as he sees Mara and Aragorn fighting. "They would do absolutely anything to get the other one out of this war."<br /> Sudenly Mara hears something strange and runs ahead.<br /> "A SCOUT!" Legolas calls seeing her expression.<br /> "WARGS! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" Mara yells.<br /> "Mara, you are hurt, you cannot fight! GO with Eowyn," Aragoen orders her.<br /> Despite what Aragorn says Mara jumps onto Arod, leaving enough room for Legolas, and urges him into a gallop.<br /> Because she has nothing to hold onto Mara falls off Arod. Legolas looks back but can do nothign else.<br /> Mara then jumps onto a warg and fights its rider. Mara's hand then gets caught in its fur as she struggles to get off. Since she could not get off, Mara falls over the edge of a cliff/ The last thing she heard was Legolas calling out for her.<br /> When Mara awakens she s on a rocky shore. It takes her ten minutes to will herself to get up. When she finally did she had to walk for half an hour before she saw Helm's Deep.<br /> Legolas, who was standing upon the wall above the gate watching, sees her and climbs down. Knocking down some of the guards as he does. When he is through the gates Legolas runs over to her and picks her up around her waist.<br /> "I thought I had lost you," he says setting her down on her feet.<br /> "Well you were wrong! It will take more than that to kill me," Mara says taking his hand and walking through the gate.<br /> "Mara! You are alright!" Aragorn exclaims as he huggged her and kissed her cheek. Then he got angry and said: "Why did you not listen to me? You could have gotten yourself killed!"</p>
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