A New Fellowship The Two Towers Chapter 4

<p>When Mara fiished her story they had walked out of the cover of Fangorn and back into the openness of the field.<br /> <br /> "I am sorry I snapped at you Mara. I just dislike the Assassins for they killed my younger sister and...." Legolas starts but Mara cuts him off by placing her finger to his lips.<br /> <br /> "Apology accepted. Just kiss me already," she ordered leaning in close to him.<br /> <br /> "Stop it already!" Aragorn shouted pulling Legolas off his sister. " We still have to get to Edoras."<br /> <br /> "Dang your brother is bossy!" Legolas whispered to Mara as he helps her onto the horse.<br /> <br /> "Tell me about it!" Mara says loud enough for Aragorn to hear. "Aragorn is the bossiest person who has EVER LIVED!!!!!"<br /> <br /> "I can hear you," Aragorn states annoyed.<br /> <br /> "That's the whole piont!" Mara says matter-of-factly shoving him a little.<br /> <br /> "You are going to get it now!" Aragorn threatens.<br /> <br /> "First you gotta catch me!" Mara calls as Legolas urges the horse into a run.<br /> <br /> After 10 minutes of goofing around Mara &amp; Aragon get serious agian and stop fooling around.<br /> <br /> * enter Arangorn's mind*<br /> <br /> ' Aragorn why were they kissing?'<br /> <br /> 'Well, Gandalf, they are together now'<br /> <br /> 'Did you incerage that?'<br /> <br /> 'No. I tried to stop it'<br /> <br /> *exit aragorn's mind*<br /> <br /> As he rides closer to Legolas &amp; Mara Gandalf hears them talking.<br /> <br /> "Legolas?" Mara asks laying her head on his back.<br /> <br /> "Yes love?"<br /> <br /> "Okay first, you sound like Aragorn talking to Arwen, second what are we gonna do?"<br /> <br /> "What do you mean?" Legolas asks confused.<br /> <br /> "About us. We can't get married."<br /> <br /> "Well I c..." Legolas starts but gets cut off.<br /> <br /> "There is Edoras," Gandalf says.</p>
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