A New Fellowship The Two Towers Chapter 3

<p>Aragorn, after finding Merry and Pippin's belts screams and looks at the ground.<br /> <br /> "Nay Mara. They are still alive. They are in Fangorn," Aragorn says looking at the forest.<br /> <br /> Inside Fangorn Legolas calls; "The white wizard approaches!"<br /> <br /> "Do not let him speak, for he will put a spell on us," Mara orders.<br /> <br /> Suddenly Mara and Aragorn draw their swords, Gimli raises his axe, and Legolas fits an arrow to his bow.<br /> <br /> "There is no need for weapons."<br /> <br /> "Show yourself!" Aragorn orders. "It connot be."<br /> <br /> "Gandalf? I...is it really you?" Mara asks as she runs over and hugs the old wizard.<br /> <br /> "Yes child it is," he answers hugging her back and accidentaly touching her right shoulder. "What is wrong?" Gandalf asks hearing her pained intake of breath.<br /> <br /> "Nothing...Nothing, everything is perfectly fine."<br /> <br /> "Turn around Mara," Gandalf orders. <br /> <br /> When she does he reveals her right shoulder showing a claw shaped mark.<br /> <br /> "You are an asassin!!" Legolas says angerily. "I cannot believe I loved you!!!"<br /> <br /> "Legolas, please listen I can explain," Mara begs, tears welling up in her eyes and threatening to spill over.<br /> <br /> "Fine, explain."<br /> <br /> "Well I joined the asassions when Aragorn would not let me become a Ranger. That was after our mother died and I knew I had to learn how to protect myself and they were the only ones who would teach me..."<br /> <br /> [FLASHBACK MODE]<br /> <br /> 'Please teach me I need to learn how to fight! I know I am no elf but PLEASE'<br /> <br /> 'I will but first you must answer a question. Okay?'<br /> <br /> 'Of course, anything.'<br /> <br /> 'Why are you not a Ranger?'<br /> <br /> 'My brother will not let me join. He says it is to dangerous for me.'<br /> <br /> 'You're brother?'<br /> <br /> 'He is the Captain of the Rangers.'<br /> <br /> [NORMAL MODE]<br /> <br /> "They do not let women join," Legolas interupts. "So how did you get in?"<br /> <br /> "I was getting to that part," Mara answers. "I lied about who I was, I said I was Aragorn. They believed me. Then, as customary, three weeks after I joined I got the marks, it still hurt sometimes when someone touches it. But then there was a huge battle. I got injured and the truth was revealed. I got kicked out. And right beforre they tried to take the mark off, and at the same time kill me, I was saved by Elladan and Elrohir."</p>
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