A New Fellowship Chapter 9

"As soon as he and I finish this," Boromir interrupts Aragorn drawing his sword.<br/> <br/> "Boromir, I will not fight you."<br/> <br/> "Only because you know you will lose," Boromir says. "Loser, as in you, has to stay away from Mara. If you refuse to fight you lose."<br/> <br/> "Fine I will fight," Aragorn says also unsheathing his sword.<br/> <br/> Within five minutes Borommir lay on the ground Aragorn's sword at his throat.<br/> <br/> "I win," Aragorn simply states helping Boromir up. "Now stay away from my sister," he growls menacingly.<br/> <br/> "Fine you win. I will stay away," Boromir says walking away.<br/> <br/> "Aragorn, now please go tell Legolas!" Mara begs her older brother.<br/> <br/> "Yes Mara. Anything for you."<br/> <br/> *********************************************************************************************<br/> <br/> "Legolas!" Aragorn calls when he sees him. "I need to talk to you. NOW!"<br/> <br/> "What about?"<br/> <br/> "Isil. She is hypnotizing you. Sauron is her father. She does not love you!"<br/> <br/> "Who told you this, Aragorn?" Legolas asks.<br/> <br/> "Mara heard Isil say this and then told Arwen and I," Aragorn answers.<br/> <br/> "Mara is lying to you. Isil said she loves me, and I believe her!"<br/> <br/> "Isil is the one that is lying! Mara has never lied nor will she ever!" Aragorn yells angrily.<br/> <br/> Isil, hearing this, grabs her sword and runs to find Mara. She has one thing on her mind.......MURDER.<br/> <br/> **********************************************************************************************<br/> <br/> "MARA! I told you not to tell ANYONE!" Isil screams when she finds her.<br/> <br/> "You said not to tell Legolas. I did not tell him. I told my brother,"Mara says confidently.<br/> <br/> "It does not matter who you told. I must kill you anyway, because if you stay alive you will ruin all of my father and my plans." Isil says walking over to her and raising her sword.<br/> <br/> "You will not harm a single part of her," a voice says from behind her.<br/> <br/> "Legolas!" Isil gasps dropping her sword. Why are you no longer under my spell?"<br/> <br/> "I came out of it when you said you were going to kill Mara. But it you who shall die," Legolas says. "I am so sorry I ignored you Mara. Please forgive me? Though I do not deserve your forgiveness after breaking your heart."<br/> <br/> "You are forgiven," Mara says taking his hand and leading out into the moonlight.<br/> <br/> "Le banui,*" Legolas says moving a few stray strands of hair to behind her ear.<br/> <br/> "Hannon le**," Mara says moving closer to him so that her lips are a breath's away from his.<br/> <br/> Suddenly he leans down and kisses her lovingly on the lips. Then, just as suddenly breaks the kiss. For he is aware of the rest of the Fellowship watching them.<br/> <br/> "Come. We should go and get some sleep. We are leaving early in the morning," Aragorn says to the rest to draw attention away from Mara and Legolas.<br/> <br/> Legolas then walks Mara to her room and kisses her goodnight before heading to his own.<br/> <br/> **********************************************************************************************<br/> <br/> *= Le banui. means You are beautiful.<br/> <br/> **= Hannon le. means Thank you.
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