A New Fellowship Chapter 5

In the morning Mara has to be woken up by her brother.<br/> <br/> "Mara wake up. Wake up,Mara, wake up. MARA!" he yells finally succeeding in waking her up.<br/> <br/> "WHAT!?" she yells sleepily back at him right in his ear.<br/> <br/> "Two things. One NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! Second it is almost time to leave."<br/> <br/> "Oh. Okay," Mara says. "Aragorn?"<br/> <br/> "What? I cannot hear you. I am death. YOU KILLED MY HEARING!"Aragorn jokes.<br/> <br/> "Ha, ha, ha! Would you please stand outside and keep watch to make sure Boromir doesn't came near?" Mara asks helplessly.<br/> <br/> "Of course little sister. Anything for you."<br/> <br/> "Thank you. Oh and NEVER call me 'Little Sister.'"<br/> <br/> Ten minutes later Mara is dressed in an outfit that matches Aragorn's and is at the entrance to Imladris. And say goodbye to Elladan, Elrohir, Lord Elrond, and Arwen. It takes Aragorn ten whole minutes to say goodbye to Aragorn.<br/> <br/> ( enter Aragorn's mind)<br/> <br/> 'Why is she sleeping?'<br/> <br/> 'She did not get a lot of sleep Legolas'<br/> <br/> 'Why not?'<br/> <br/> 'She was afraid of Boromir.'<br/> <br/> 'I understand. But why would she lose sleep if he was also sleeping?'<br/> <br/> 'Mara actually did not sleep well because she was thinking about something Lord Elrond said to her.'<br/> <br/> 'What did he say?'<br/> <br/> 'That she could not love you.'<br/> <br/> 'You mean she?'<br/> <br/> 'Yes.'<br/> <br/> ( exit Aragorn's mind)<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> **********************************************************************************************<br/> <br/> Authors note:<br/> SORRY IT IS SO SHORT!!
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