A new Fellowship Chapter 4

When I left off the Fellowship had just been formed.<br/> <br/> <br/> **********************************************************************************************<br/> <br/> <br/> That night when Mara was heading towards her room she heard Isil laugh menacingly and say:"I will get that ring back for father and become queen of the Mirkwood elves! Legolas,oh stupid Legolas. It barely took anything to get you to love me."<br/> <br/> After she heard that, Mara went inside and said:"I do not believe you! You are Sauron's daughter! You are going to use Legolas to become queen! You do not love him at all."<br/> <br/> "You will not repeat what you just heard to Legolas or you will find yourself dead! You hear me? DEAD!" Isil threatened.<br/> <br/> "Alright I will not repeat a single word to him,"Mara replied weakly running to find her brother.<br/> <br/> "What is wrong milady?" Pippin asked as she ran by.<br/> <br/> "Nothing. Nothing is wrong," Mara answered nervously.<br/> <br/> "Looks like something is wrong," Frodo stated suspiciously.<br/> <br/> "No nothing is wrong, really everything is just fine. Have you seen my brother?" Mara asked the Hobbits.<br/> <br/> "Yes he is in the garden," Sam answered.<br/> <br/> "Yeah kissing Arwen!!" Pippin whispered to Merry and they both snickered.<br/> <br/> "Probably! Well thanks. Bye!" Mara called as she ran to the garden.<br/> <br/> "Aragorn! Arwen!" Mara called as she got there. "Isil is evil! She is Sauron's daughter. She is going to take the ring from Frodo. She is using Legolas!"<br/> <br/> "How do you know this?" Aragorn asked pulling her down into his lap.<br/> <br/> "I was heading to my room and I heard her,"Mara said crying into his chest, again.<br/> <br/> "Shhhh. Be quiet child, be quiet," Lord Elrond said walking up."What is wrong child?" he asked taking her in his arms.<br/> <br/> ""Lord Elrond, Isil is evil. She is Sauron's daughter. She is using Legolas. She does not love him as I do," Mara answered as she finally stopped crying.<br/> <br/> "You love Legolas? Mara you can not love him," Lord Elrond said.<br/> <br/> "Why not? Why can I not love him?"Mara questioned him.<br/> <br/> "You will get your heart broken. For you can not marry him."<br/> <br/> "Why?"<br/> <br/> "He is of elf kind you are not,"Elrond answered smoothing her hair.<br/> <br/> "But you will let Arwen marry Aragorn when he becomes king. Why can I not love Legolas?" Mara argues.<br/> <br/> "It is different Mara."<br/> <br/> "How? How father is it different?" Arwen asked."It is no different and you know it!"<br/> <br/> "I will see you in the morning," Elrond said to change the subject.<br/> <br/> <br/> **********************************************************************************************<br/> <br/> <br/> Authors note: REMEMBER TO COUNT HOW MANY TIMES MARA GETS HURT!!!!!!!!
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